September 18, 2020
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So much news!

This newsletter is jam-packed.  With service level changes coinciding with new programs, new kits, and even more new services, there is a lot of information to share.  Please remember there's a Newsletter button on our website that takes you to the archive of past issues so you can always check back.

Here's the long-awaited news!
The Library Board of Trustees has approved the transition from Service Level Orange (Curbside and Digital services) to Service Level Yellow, which will allow for Curbside services to move inside as Lobby service with expanded hours, and we will offer public service hours where the whole building will be available by appointment. Details are below.  Welcome back!

Be well.  Be safe.  Be kind.
Please feel free to contact me any time at
Kind regards, Julie M. Perrin, Library Director - a.k.a. Ms. Julie

Ms. Julie has been named Co-Library Director of the Year
by the New Hampshire Library Trustee Association.
(A proper press release about this honor will be forthcoming.)

New Family Book Club - Mischief Makers

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of our local Knights of Columbus, we are able to expand our book club line-up with an all-new multi-age book club, that will include a kit with a book for your family to add to your home library and all the supplies for our online group discussion and activity.  Thank you, Knights!

Join Ms. Andrea and Ms. Julie for this family book club, Mischief Makers. Each month your librarians will select a chapter book at the grade 3-4 reading level that is fun and appealing for all ages, giving families the flexibility for siblings to participate together. This perfect month-long bedtime read gives caregivers and siblings the opportunity to take turns reading aloud to enjoy the story and improve reading skills together.  

Why "Mischief Makers?"  A mischief is a group of rats, and each month our Mischief Makers will learn about a new animal collective noun (flock of chickens, pride of lions, etc.), and like our animal collectives, our book club participants will be a multi-age group learning and working together.

Participants will meet via Zoom for a librarian-led discussion, followed by a related group activity. October's book is Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'Brien. Book club kits with books and activity supplies will be available for pick up by appointment starting the first week of October for the November 3rd discussion at 4 pm.
Registration is REQUIRED for this event. Zoom meeting details and password will be available upon registration. Please include the name and age of each participant, so we can include enough activity supplies.

My First Online Book Club Continues

Tuesday, September 22 at 4 pm on Zoom
Join Ms. Eileen for our monthly PreK (age 4) and up ONLINE book club via Zoom.  You're never too old for picture books! Read the book at home and then join us for a child-sized discussion and activity. This month's selection, Hello Lighthouse, along with the supplies for the activity, are available to check out as a take-home kit and may be picked up by registering for a curbside appointment. Caregiver participation may be required for logging in to Zoom and for the activity segment of the book club meeting.

Register to receive a password to access the event.

Silly Slipper Storytime resumes

Wednesday, October 7 at 10:30 am
Put on your Silly Slippers or your Hilarious Hats and join Ms. Andrea and Ms. Eileen every week for an interactive stay-at-home version of our Wednesday morning Storytime via Zoom.

Register to receive the meeting link and password for this event. For the security of all participants, a password is REQUIRED to enter this storytime.

Literacy with Animals - Reading to the Rats

What's a Lab without Lab Rats?
Reading to animals is one of the best ways for new or reluctant readers to gain confidence in reading aloud.  Animals don't judge, and they are a very safe audience for practicing reading skills.

Before the pandemic, Ms. Andrea and Ms. Julie had researched animal literacy programs we could offer at the library.  We had professional experience with dog reading programs from previous libraries where we worked, and as we explored the possibilities, we learned that one library even had a library pig!

Lacking a barnyard, we took the next natural step for Mad Scientist librarians, and we adopted four cute baby brother rats from the Animal Rescue League.  (Not to worry -- All their expenses are funded by the librarians personally and we share custody.)

Rats?  Why rats?  It is the Year of the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac.  Rats are very intelligent and very clean!  They are also super friendly, and really love the library.  They have a great castle in the Lab so they can be confined unless participating in a program, which is much harder to do with a pig. They love to listen to stories, and in fact they are working on their own booklists, to match their names.  Ms. Julie's rats are Copernicus (after the famous astronomer) and Jonas (after Jonas Salk, of course), and they are mad about science.  Ms. Andrea's rats are bookish creatures, Nicodemus (from the Rats of NIMH) and Scrabble (from Little Women).

When your family comes to the library, be sure to stop in the Lab and spend some of your time Reading to the Rats.  We will also offer lessons on animal care so your children learn how much work it is to have pets!
Ms. Julie works at the new public service desk with Copernicus, and Copernicus interacts with a skunk in the book, Night Animals.

Coming Soon: More Wi-Fi Hotspots, Thanks to the Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library have sponsored our Wi-Fi hotspot lending program for over two years now.  In addition to providing internet access to patrons, the hotspots sponsored by the Friends were essential to keep the library running when the Stay at Home order was in effect since staff also live in rural areas without internet access. 

Even without Book Sale revenue this year, the Friends have redirected funds that would have been used for in-person programming to purchase additional hotpots and they are on order, so that we can provide even more access to our patrons. We hope to have the additional hotspots available for checkout by early October.
Thank you, Friends!

So Many New STEAM Kits

We are hard at work revamping our Summer STEAM kits to include new content and thanks to both our Millipore STEAM Learning grant and some very generous private donations, we have an extensive list of new kits for all ages, planned for release in October.
Whether you are attending school in-person or at home, whether you are 6, 12 or 72, our STEAM kits make lifelong learning fun and rewarding.
Here's a sneak peek:
  • Field Science (new themes include animal tracking and wilderness survival!)
  • Human Body & Health  (featuring the adorable skeletons featured in Ms. Andrea's photo)
  • USA - Government, History and Geography
  • Music Appreciation (with recorders you can keep!)
  • Musical Storytime (now with accordions and drums -- yes, you read that right!)
  • New England History (including a simple weaving project)
  • Fun with Math (including books and games to take the fear out of math)
  • Artist Afternoon (with all new artists and projects)
  • Read & Make (with all new books and projects)
  • Hand Sewing (featuring Star Wars felties!)
  • Plus Microscopes, Sewing Machines, Loom Knitting, Mahjong, Comics Drawing and your other favorites

No Inter-Library Loan Just Yet

We have great news that the state library has resumed van service and many libraries have begun inter-library loan.  We have elected not to be in the first round of ILL services, but we will keep you updated when we are ready to start back up.
Why aren't we starting back up?  We want to give the system a chance to test their new procedures and safety protocols since materials and van drivers travel all around the state.  Additionally, ILL is a two-way street, and we have to be willing to loan our materials, not just borrow from others.  With quarantine periods at every step, our materials could be gone from our library for 2 - 3 months just as you are being let back in for browsing.  I want to give you time with your books before we send them away.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at 532-7301.

Lobby Service and In-Building Appointments

Yes, that photo IS your library! Welcome back!
This is a summary of the service transition, but we will send out a separate newsletter next week with all the links on how to book your appointments.  We know it is stressful to learn so many new ways of doing everything these days so we will do our best to make this a smooth transition.
ALL LIBRARY SERVICES IN THE BUILDING WILL BE BY APPOINTMENT.  Per our policy, we cannot accommodate walk-ins at this service level. MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL VISITORS.

Please forget all of our old service hours for the time being. We now need to tie public service hours to our cleaning schedule, staffing, etc.  It's a pandemic, and
the risk profile of our staff is high, with more than 75% of all staffing hours being covered by high risk individuals so we need to proceed carefully for both your safety and that of our staff.

Lobby Service
Beginning Tuesday, September 29, Lobby Service will replace Curbside Service and offer appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Noon to 7 pm, and Saturdays 11 am - Noon.
Instead of ten minute appointments, you will have a one or two hour block of time to come into the lobby for pick-up, called "Grab & Go," but we will also have browsing carts so you can add to your order either at self-checkout or with the staff member on duty.
We know some of you really like the drive-thru service, and I promise a drive-thru window if we ever add on, but we will only continue actual curbside for people who require handicapped access (since we have stairs to enter the lobby) or cannot wear a mask for a medical reason. 

In-Building - Bookworm Boogie Appointments

We are starting slowly with room to expand, to make sure we can manage everything safely.
Beginning, Monday, October 5, we will offer full access to the building (all three floors) for 30 minute appointments on Mondays and Thursdays, from 10 am - 5:30 pm. 
Why Mondays and Thursdays?  They are the only two days we have professional cleaning.
How will it work?  You will schedule an appointment very similarly to the way you have been scheduling curbside.  For each hour long timeslot, we will be open for 45 minutes.  You will make an appointment for the timeslot of your choice, for your household (so you only need to make one appointment for the whole family).  We will ask you to try to limit your appointment to 30 minutes, but after 45 minutes, we will clear the building so library staff can clean bathrooms, wipe down surfaces, etc. and then reopen for the next timeslot.
We are calling it the Bookworm Boogie because you will have to boogie to make the most of your 30 minutes.  You will be able to browse, check out materials, use computers, learning spaces, visit the Lab, read the paper... most of what you could do before the pandemic.
We have made some space changes but don't worry, we will have handy guides and staff to help you find what you need.

Watch for more details and links for booking all your appointments, along with a Yellow Service FAQ later next week.

Call your Librarians on Dial-A-Story!

Call 888-718-0505!   You can also visit our new Dial-A-Story page on the Library-to-Go menu to learn more about the service and see the complete menu of stories and activities.
We are so excited about this new service, sponsored by Millipore Sigma, provided by Stories in the Cloud, and lovingly prepared by your librarians.
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