September 24, 2020
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Are you ready to do the Bookworm Boogie?

The yellow flag will soon by hanging outside, signaling the transition to in-building services by appointment.  Whether you choose Bookworm Boogie or Grab & Go, we will endeavor to provide you with the best possible service in the safest possible way.
This newsletter will hopefully address all of your questions, but please don't hesitate to ask if we have missed something. 
It's our first pandemic, after all, so there are bound to be hiccups, but we have been so appreciative of the community spirit and camaraderie as we all work together to keep each other safe.  The staff and I look forward to having you back inside the library.

Be well.  Be safe.  Be kind.
Please feel free to contact me any time at
Kind regards, Julie M. Perrin, Library Director - a.k.a. Ms. Julie
As you may have heard, Ms. Julie and Corinne Chronopoulos of the Peterborough Library are sharing the title of Co-Library Director of the Year, awarded by the New Hampshire Library Trustee Association.
As much as we all love a party, Ms. Julie is insisting we stay pandemic-friendly and safe for all.  Please join us on Zoom for her award ceremony on Friday, October 2 at 10:30 am.
Here's the Zoom invitation from our Trustee Chair, John Stone.
(Thank you, Ms. Andrea for the photo collage.)

A New Service Level and Extended Public Service Hours

Per our policy, we cannot accommodate walk-ins at this service level.

Lobby Service "Grab & Go" Appointments (beginning September 29)
Tuesday: Noon - 7 pm
Wednesday: Noon - 7 pm
Saturday: 11 am - Noon
Make your Lobby Service Appointments here or visit the Library-to-Go menu on our website.  (Lobby Service replaces Curbside.)

"Bookworm Boogie" 30 Minute In-Building Appointments (beginning October 5)
Monday: 10 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday: 10 am - 5:30 pm
Make your Bookworm Boogie Appointments for 30 minutes of in-library joy here or visit the Library-to-Go menu on our website


Lobby Service and In-Building FAQ

What is the difference between Grab & Go (Lobby Service) and Bookworm Boogie (In-Building)?
Grab & Go offers a one or two hour window to pick up ready reserves in the library lobby area (just like table curbside but with a lot more flexibility in terms of time and no weather concerns), along with other lobby services like browsing carts, but it is restricted to the lobby only.
Bookworm Boogie offers a 30 minute in-building appointment that gives you access to the whole building, almost like normal.  You can browse and check out materials, read the newspaper in our new beautiful reading area on the top floor, use a computer, etc.  Children and teens who can wear a mask can also visit and use Osmo, visit the Lab, browse for books or use a Chromebook, etc.. 

What doors will be open?  How do I get in at my appointment time?
Per state guidelines, we will limit entrance only to one door, the Main Floor front door, EXCEPT for anyone requesting handicapped access for a Bookworm Boogie In-Building appointment.  In that case, we will watch for you at the Goodnow Street entrance.  Why?  We can only realistically monitor one entrance and the Goodnow St. entrance does not allow for social distancing.  However, all doors will work as exits so you aren't trapped inside!

How long is my Grab & Go appointment?
You have a one or two hour window.  While the scheduler indicates a one hour window for your reservation, we will keep the items out for two hours, except for the last 6-7 pm appointment slots and the Saturday slot. We are trying to stagger arrivals but be as flexible as possible.

How long is my Bookworm Boogie appointment?
You have approximately 30 minutes of joy! The scheduler will show an hour, so if your appointment is 10 am, you can arrive between 10:00 and 10:15, and still have 30 minutes before we "close" at 10:45.  We need 15 minutes to clean before the next timeslot.  So, if you are prompt, you could stretch it to 45 minutes.

What if I am late to my Bookworm Boogie appointment?
Whether you arrive at the start of the timeslot, such as 10:00 or don't arrive until 10:30, we will ask you to leave at 10:45 so we can wipe down surfaces, clean rest rooms, etc. before the next round of appointments.

How many appointments can I have each week?
Please limit yourself to ONE Grab & Go and ONE Bookworm Boogie per week, so everyone can have a chance. This gives you up to two library visits per week, albeit of different types.

Can I make same day appointments?
In order to make staffing decisions, we are not doing same day appointments, but you now have service hours five days a week, including Saturdays.  If it is a real library emergency, please call and ask for Ms. Julie.

Can I change my appointment?
Yes, of course!  Depending upon the schedule of other patrons, we may need to reschedule you to a different day, but we will do everything we can to accommodate. Your appointment confirmation email will have a button for canceling or rescheduling if you need to change your plans or you can give us a call.

How many people can I bring to my appointment?
Up to four!  One appointment for the whole family.  If you have a bigger family, there's a box to check and just give us a call so we can make sure we can accommodate a larger group in that timeslot.

Why are Bookworm Boogie appointments only on Mondays and Thursdays?
It's all about cleaning.  Those are the only nights we have professional cleaning so that we know the whole library will be cleaned in addition to what staff can do during the day.

Will you extend these hours at a future date?
Yes, as permitted by our Pandemic Interim Service Plan and in response to community needs.

When you say Lobby Service, does that mean "just curbside inside" or is there more?
There's more! You will have a one or two hour window in which to come into the lobby for pick-up, called "Grab & Go," but we will also have browsing carts so you can add to your order either at self-checkout or with the staff member on duty.  We can also run and get something for you from another part of the library.  You can also return STEAM kits, update your library card, etc. as the lobby will be staffed.
The restriction to the lobby is tied to our service plan, as references cleaning supplies, professional cleaning services and the risk profile of our staff.

I really like the drive-thru convenience of curbside.  Can I choose curbside even if I don't have mobility issues or a medical reason?
We know some of you really like the drive-thru service, and I promise a drive-thru window if we ever add on, but we will only continue actual curbside for people who require handicapped access (since we have stairs to enter the lobby) or cannot wear a mask for a medical reason. 

Do I really have to wear a mask?  If I am the only one in the room, can I take it off?
Yes, you have to wear a mask, and no, you can't take it off.  Wearing a mask at all times in our facility is now part of our Code of Conduct policy while we are operating under the Pandemic Policy so removing it could make us unsafe and cost you your library privileges.

If I am bringing children, do they need to wear masks?
Yes, children need to wear masks, too.  We know this is a burden for families with children under 2 (CDC recommends NOT wearing masks under age 2) and we also know that it may be unrealistic for children under age 5 to keep their masks on.  If they are old enough to try (safely, of course), we hope they will visit us, and if it doesn't work out and you have to leave, we will bring your materials to you curbside.

What if I have forgotten my mask?  Will you let me in?
We will provide a mask if you forget but please wait on the step.

Will the rest rooms be open?
Because of the frequency required for cleaning during Covid, and our limited PPE and cleaning supplies, we will only open the rest rooms on the Main Floor.  One of Ms. Julie's other titles is janitor so thank you for understanding.

When can I use a computer?
Computers will be available during Bookworm Boogie appointments only, at this time.

Will Copy/Print/Scan services be available?
Yes, please bring appropriate change. Cash or checks only.  It is still 20 cents B&W/ 40 cents color.  This service will no longer be self-serve, but instead all access to the copy machine will be through staff in order to limit exposure.

Can I bring my latte?  Will you have coffee service again?
No, since you have to keep your mask on when in the library, there will be no food or drink permitted.
Bailey and Joe pretend to be reading in our beautiful new spaces on the History Floor, which now houses ALL the adult History print materials!  (No more jumping between floors for the 900s.)
The idea that librarians read at work is sadly not true, not even close to true, but we love making spaces for you to read and enjoy.

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