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LAP @Race Judicata
Thursday September 13th, join us at the LAP tent for food and fun - no walking/running required! Just hang out, have fun, and tent loiter >>register here
Race at your own pace, we'll be running, walking, and sauntering >>register with the LAP team here (team password: LAP Runners)
LAP Yoga & Mindfulness - Stress Reduction for Lawyers
Thursday July 20th, 12:00-1:30PM, Chicago, IL

>>Click for more info + registration

Geared for anyone who finds their mind racing in a thousand different directions at once, seeking balance, or just wants to see what this "yoga" trend is about. 1.0 PR MCLE credit.

All levels welcome - come and get present with us.

Rounding out the week with difficult news prompts reflection
and perspective as we head into the weekend:

Kate Spade,
fashion designer and businesswoman.

Anthony Bourdain,
internationally acclaimed chef, author and television personality.

Reactions, thoughts, and feelings, all invariably individual. Next steps must bring us together in action to recognize and reach out. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report every state in the US is experiencing rising suicide rates, and suicide is now the 10th leading cause of death. It is important to recognize this topic, ask yourself:

  • Your instinct is that you or someone you know is “off” or acting differently
  • You or someone you know is acting not like themselves, lost, hopeless, cannot see the future
  • You or someone you know has brought up the topic of suicide or acknowledges suicidal thinking
  • You or someone you know has higher levels of stress and/or changes to life circumstances

Suicide does not discriminate, no one is immune from the forces of depression, relationship and work stressors leading to mental health and substance abuse issues which can increase feelings of despair and hopelessness.

Resources are available:

If you feel there are no options, call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741-741.

To discuss concerns related to feelings of hopelessness or any other mental health issues about yourself or others – contact us today,


Pacifica, designed to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, Pacifica is a customizable app that provides tools to improve your well-being. By choosing three goals, the app suggests activities that help in the process of achieving those goals. In addition to tracking your health, thoughts, and goals, Pacifica offers a community section for insight and support.

Check it out here.

The Building Blocks
of Resilience:
(Part 2) 

Resilience is not only about the ability to bounce back with passion and perseverance, but also about cultivating a sense of well-being in life and law. This part of our resilience series focuses on mindfulness: the art of being present in life.  

>>Full feature on the LAP blog

Dr. Uchiyama, JD. Psy.D. joins LAP in a new position, Legal Education and Clinical Manager.

Get to Know Dr. Diana:
She is a horse obsessed human being who loves the smell of horse poop;

she was secretly obsessed with Billy Idol for a brief period of her life;

she lived in Vienna, Austria for a year and a half;

she speaks fluent German; and loves skydiving. 

Welcome  to LAP  Dr. Diana! 

Please take a minute to share your thoughts. 
LAP is bringing you an app soon, what do you want to see? 


Thank you in advance for your response! 

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Practicing Wellness: Skills Beyond the Status Quo

The Illinois Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being based was formed upon recommendations from the American Bar Association’s National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being's 2017 Report. 

This workshop helped lawyers find balance, increased focus, and reduce stress by learning how to incorporate simple skills into their daily lives. Participants learned yoga poses they can use in their office, relaxation/focus techniques, availability of wellness technology/apps, how to quiet the racing mind, and how to use breathing to relax and focus. 

Special thanks to our event sponsors: MCLE Board of the Supreme Court of IllinoisIllinois State Bar Association, (IICLE) Illinois Institute for Continuing Learning

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