Dancing with Paris

► We are currently enjoying Sydney, Australia near Bondi Beach, the world-renowned surf spot. No, I still can't surf, but I can take advantage of the beautiful walk paths that hug the coastline. They are so into the walking culture here that they are going to build one of the world's most spectacular trails that will be 80km long. 

► Last weekend we saw an AFL (Australian Football League) rugby match with our friends Nick and Kathryn, and it was insane! These guys are incredibly athletic and tough as nails. Tonight we are going to an NRL (National Rugby League) match which is totally different. These dudes tend to be much bigger and more aggressive in their play. The activities around foreign sporting events and how the fans interact is always fun to see. They really get into their rugby in Australia. Go Roosters!

► This has nothing to do with anything, but if you liked the movie The Wolf of Wall Street as much as I did, you might find this article on how it was made and the criminal activity surrounding it fascinating. It blew my mind to think that there are people out there getting away with stealing billions. Yes, billions with a B. Crazy article - I'm curious to see if these celebrities escape with no penalties.

► Tony Hawk, Bob Harper (Biggest Loser host), and Laila Ali all have been interviewed by Meredith Atwood on her show The Same 24 Hours, and now your guy. It was fun to discuss a wide range of topics with her that included what NOT to do when riding in a vehicle in India. It was probably my most open interview on what I am nervous about on our return to the States. If you are interested in any of my interviews over the past year, check here.

► With only a few weeks left on the 27-month journey around the world, we wanted to take some time to give updates on what the future of our trip looks like as well as the passion projects we have been working. In this week's podcast episode, we cover the Kickstarter campaign for the photo book POLICE: Brotherhood in Uniform Around the World, Nikki’s recently released travel memoir Passport Joy: Reflections on Life, Love, & Other Stuff While Traveling the World, World Barber Shop Adventures, the Passport Joy Travel Talk Podcast, my screenplay, and the weekly newsletter. 

We hope to give some insight into each of these passion projects, the significant time spent, and what we see the future of each becoming. We also talk about our next few weeks on the road, our summer plans, and how we might communicate during our transition phase back to the US.

Crazy how time flies. Enjoy every minute.


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