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We are currently living just south of Zurich, Switzerland for FREE as Nikki and I are pet-sitting for two adorable cats for three weeks in a gorgeous home only 5 minutes from Lake Zurich.

If you can’t wait for us to talk all about our first experience in a house/pet sit and need to immediately understand how this is possible, you can check out using that link to get 20% off your membership. We look forward to giving you all of the information in an upcoming podcast.

I used again on Monday to connect with some awesome people. This time it gave me a chance to meet a few locals, talk about the life in Zurich, and enjoy a couple of Cuban cigars. If you aren’t using during your travels (our at home), you are missing out on an excellent source to connect with great people.

Speaking of hanging out with guys, I just released my latest blog post South Africa Guys’ Trip [Ultimate Adventure Travel] that highlights all of the reasons why I think South Africa could be a great getaway idea for an awesome birthday celebration or exotic bachelor party. You will find the 2500+ word post is packed full of ideas.

In this week’s podcast episode, we talk about our time in Poland.

Visiting Poland for the first time was educational, entertaining, and a bit heartbreaking. Krakow, Warsaw, and Auschwitz have a history that has been told around the world. Many movies have attempted to depict Polish life in the times of war and uprising. 

Walking the streets of these cities gave us a better sense of what had been and the bright future that lies ahead. Now Krakow and Warsaw are growing multicultural business hubs that are gaining the investment of global corporations. The pubs, restaurants, and nightlife are at the level of the other top European cities. 

In this podcast episode, we discuss why we really enjoyed our three weeks visiting Poland as well as 8 days in Bucharest, Romania, and why we think you should consider visiting these Eastern European locations in the very near future.

Back to enjoying the beauty of Switzerland…



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