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I'm sending this newsletter after just getting home from the airport so I guess not much has changed since the return. As I sat on that first flight looking through the back map in the promotional airline magazine, I dreamt about future destinations. The travel bug lives on ;)

Hanging out with my grandmother (AKA Mima) + aunts/uncles/cousins in Pennsylvania was relaxing and fun. We ended all nights as she has for about 30 years...watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Can you believe James lost? Unreal. I love good conspiracies, and I have my thoughts on this one. How come we never saw his hands? Isn't it more respectful for him to not steal Ken's title if he knew all wasn't fair? Final thought...Elon Musk's Neuralink...okay, moving on...

If you like listening to compelling thinkers, I highly suggest a recent podcast with Naval Ravikant on the Joe Rogan Experience. He dropped nuggets of wisdom like..."It's your unlimited desires clouding your happiness." "Creativity is the last frontier.", "There's two great addictions: heroin and a monthly salary." and "[The best way to influence others] is to live the life you want others to live." Definitely a conversation that I will listen to more than once.

Speaking of useful podcasts, this week's Part 2 Q&A Session with Mike Polder in Youngstown, Ohio was a blast. Nikki and I begin to open up a bit as the drinks set in. We talk about what we would do first if we started the journey over, cannabis laws around the world, a time when we partied too hard, could we make this trip without smartphones, and several other creative questions. Enjoy this special edition of Passport Joy Travel Talk.

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