Can't Hurt Me

The New Year has started off really well! I completed a goal that I have been working on for about a year (finished my screenplay) and have all of my goals for 2019 in place. 

Two things that have really helped me start the year off right:

(1) Can't Me Hurt by David Goggins - If you want to understand what our true potential looks like, read this book. If you enjoy holding on to your excuses, do not even think about it. It blew my mind! He has accomplished much in his life but one thing that will help you understand the magnitude: he lost 106 lbs in 2 months as he prepared for Navy SEAL training.

(2) Waking Up by Sam Harris App - this is a meditation app that is much different from others that I have tried. It goes deeper into the 'why's' of the importance of the practice. The prices are increasing on Feb 1. I received an email with a link today that I can share if you are interested.  I have no affiliation with the company, I am just enjoying the product. 

► As you plan out your 2019 Travel, please include our Partners Page into your research. There is an extensive list of companies that we use to make our travel (and business) easier to manage. 

► A recent interview I had on a podcast also came with a YouTube version. If you want to watch my conversation with Michael Spurlock on her show Shock Your Potential check out the YouTube video where I answer questions on our decision, career game changers, and controlling negative thoughts. 

► World Barber Shop Adventures is coming at you with a new episode from our travels in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. If nothing else, you have to check out the barber's fingernail. Watch now ->

► In this week’s podcast episode, we revisit the Who, Why, and Where of our Journey.

We introduce ourselves to our new listeners but also fill in some gaps for those that may not be fully aware of our story. Nikki and I discuss our backgrounds, our love for travel, where we have been on the journey, and much more.

We are wrapping up our time in Singapore and head back to Vietnam early next week. We will have the chance to reconnect with a few friends in the next week or two and can't wait to make that happen.

Hope it's a great weekend ahead!


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