The Islands of Greece

These past 10 days in Krakow, Poland have been educational, entertaining, and a bit heartbreaking. We have been on several tours to understand the history of Krakow and the surrounding towns. Luckily, Krakow’s old town survived the Second World War, and you can feel the ambiance of the city that used to be the capital of Europe’s largest country. Walking around the Jewish Quarter and seeing the buildings that were shown in the epic movie, Schindler’s List, was fascinating. To stand outside the factory and look at the photos of lives saved was powerful. 

It is impossible to describe the emotions of the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration (extermination) camp tours. The artifacts left behind are enough to touch anyone who walks the grounds. Most of the area is left in its original form to be a reminder of the evil that is possible in the world. It was a moving and heartbreaking day.

The people we have met in Krakow have been very kind. Though I have found most of the local Poles are private and reserved, we have had a chance to interact with a few kind souls. I have attended a co-work space for over a week, and the team here is very nice, as well as the friendly people that are at the gym I have been working out at.

Diana is a sweet young professional that I met through a gym-buddy in Warsaw. She took us to a local music event and told us stories of Krakow over dinner. Nikki & I even split a table with a Swedish couple during one of the World Cup matches (the table-sharing idea from Episode 18). Its been an enjoyable visit!

We are featured this week on the Travel Couple Podcast (a podcast that highlights the business and adventure of long-term travelers from around the world). It is a fun conversation about our experience and the difficulties of maintaining the blog and podcast while traveling. We also talk about cleaning up baboon poop and how we came up with the name Passport Joy.

In this week’s podcast episode, we talk about the Greek Islands.

We have been fortunate to spend time on five beautiful islands of Greece - Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Corfu, and Aegina. The beauty of these Greek Islands does not stop with the fabulous beaches or tasty food. In this episode, we discuss why we enjoyed our time so much and why we highly recommend travelers visiting the islands as well. We share tips and tricks that you need to think about before your visit that can save you time and stress. 

We also discuss four books we love that has changed us recently that you might want to read as well. 

Find the full episode at

We are off to Switzerland tomorrow for our first pet-sit (two cats). I am looking forward to sharing the details of this adventure.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!


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