Hello Rocky Mountain Cascade Region!

Brace yourselves! Fall Term is coming!

The first few weeks of school means a lot of things for a lot of people, but for Phi Theta Kappans it means that the HIA and College Project deadlines are way too close. Get those grades, but don't forget to keep your projects on your minds!

This month's newsletter will cover:

Regional and District Updates
Fall Conference News
Regional HIA Update
Details on the New Logo Competition
Chapter Spotlight
Literary Submission
Monthly Poll

Regional News

Every month our Regional Team will give you a quick update on what's happening in our region and its districts:
Regional Update
by Kristian Reyes, Regional President
I hope everyone is doing well. Since the school year is officially starting soon for everyone, I’d like to wish you all the best in your classes and in your chapters. Remember that your Regional Officers are here for you and will do our best to help your chapter get your five stars.

Now for updates, the Regional Team is working hard to bring you a great Regional Honors-In-Action Project for Fall Conference, which will be from October 21 – 23 at Chemeketa Community College in Salem. We have also decided that it’s time for a brand new logo for the Rocky Mountain Cascade Region. More details are to come. We would also love to hear from our chapters: what are you planning, how are your events going, how active are you on your campus. Be the chapter that gets put in the Spotlight in our next regional newsletter.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Fall Conference!!

Jantyne Bunce, our Western District Executive, has some ideas, dates and encouraging words for everyone:

Fall term for many starts September 26th, however for many of us right now (a week before school) the chaos and organizational struggles of the upcoming college life seem to be picking up already. My suggestions for staying ahead of the chaos and organizational struggles:

1. Get a planner; write in it, note events in it, check of finished tasks, and have a page for your personal academic goals to focus on.
2. Always communicate with your school - whether it is financial aid, class set-up, club events, ordering/getting books, other miscellaneous paperwork. Waiting to get these things taken care of is generally frustrating for you and anyone else involved.
3. Read your student e-mail; the school is working hard to dot i's and cross t's, so help them help you succeed.
4. Start getting familiar with your college website; being able to properly navigate the site could save you frustrations and time
5. Get your mind and body ready for your schedule, whatever that schedule will be for you. 
6. I know anxieties are high as we all enter a new year, for some it may be our first term at a new school. HAVE FUN AND BREATHE!

I, personally, am extremely excited for the RMC Fall Conference coming up. The Honors in Action (HIA) project I have found to be rather difficult to get going and completed. The Fall Conference is a perfect opportunity for chapters to get critical questions answered and get valuable insight. Let me tell you folks, if you have never been to a conference and want to learn more about PTK, or just get more involved, then GO TO THE CONFERENCE! I went to my first conference last spring, and I was honestly so blown away by the information, the PTK fellowship, and the overall energy, that it literally made me rethink my life path. It made me realize that even though my original goal was to graduate with my Associates Degree and get right out to the work force, I was not done with PTK. I was not done with my college career, and here I am with this incredible team! 

Check out the calendar for upcoming PTK specific events! 

Other Important Dates to note:
1. FASFA is now opening October 1st for the 2017-2018 year.
2. Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is open through October 25th (

More Updates

by Ben Lawrence, Regional VP of Communication
  • Fall Conference is soon! The conference is October 21st - 23rd at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon, and it's only $60 for the whole weekend. The conference is include tons of workshops, competitions, the vote and selection of the new regional logo, the commencement of of our Regional HIA, and more! You can register right now by clicking here.
  • Our Regional HIA is coming together. In our August Newsletter we announced that the Regional Team was working on a Regional Honors in Action project. Now we'd like to share a little bit more with you. We've been hard at work researching to find a need, and we've settled on Theme Two: Individualism and Collectivism. The majority of our research has been on how education effects biases. This research has, of course, led us down many paths to many different ideas about discrimination in schools domestic and abroad. We're beginning to hone in on the final project portion,and you can expect more news as our Fall Honors in Action Conference nears.
  • The Southern District Toolkit is next week. It's next Saturday, September 24th, at Utah Valley University. We are accepting registrations until Friday September 16th. Register here.
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships open today (9/15/16). Find out more and fill out applications here.
  • Keep an eye on the regional website! We're always updating the Regional Website to make sure it has the newest and best info. The Monthly Newsletters are uploaded by the 16th of every month, events are kept up to date on the calendar, and info on 2017's annual conference, PTK Catalyst, has been added!

New Logo Design Competition

Last month we announced that a new regional logo would be chosen from submissions by Phi Theta Kappa members of the Rocky Mountain Cascade Region. The logo design will be voted on by the region at our 2016 Fall Conference this October. Here's some more info about it:
  • The logo must include the following: mountains, a cascade, either "RMC" or "Rocky Mountain Cascade," and the words "Phi Theta Kappa."
  • The colors must be Phi Theta Kappa colors: blue, gold, and optionally white.
  • You must include both a banner version (such as our current banner topping this newsletter) and a button version (such as the hexagon on the left side of the banner topping this newsletter).

To submit a design, simply email it to
Submissions are open now!
Chapter Spotlight

Beta Pi Rho
Portland Community College - Southeast

President – Nista Shrestha

Vice President of Scholarship – Raven Couturier

Vice President of Fellowship – Phuong Phan

Vice President of Membership – Laurie Graza

Vice President of Service – Kien Truong

Advisor – Nicole Seery   

Here's a word from Beta Pi Rho:

"As we gear up for Fall Term, Beta Pi Rho is prepping and readying itself for what the term will bring. This year the officer team has made it a priority to build up our membership base, especially active membership, and also to promote the scholarship opportunities that Phi Theta Kappa, Portland Community College and other entities have to offer. To do that, the team has created a membership Tool Kit that will be hosted on September 22nd from 10am – 2pm at the Southeast Campus. The officer team has also scheduled two scholarship workshops and two scholarship writing workshops. They are actively pushing the Fall Commons scholarship that opened on the 15th of September and will close on December 1st.

The chapter is also making it a priority to do service work every month with a different community group. Obviously our pillars this year will be: service, fellowship and scholarship. This year’s officer team is energetic and excited to accomplish their goals. We look forward to the work that will be accomplished and the positive impact that will be made on our campus and in the greater community.

Happy Fall Term from Beta Pi Rho!"

How does your chapter get featured in the spotlight?
  • Any chapter that raises their chapter level to at least one start higher than last year will take immediate priority for the spotlight. This is part of our initiative to have every chapter in the region be at least a 2 Star chapter. No chapter is guaranteed to be featured in the spotlight, but this is the best way to do so.
  • Any chapter that demonstrates particular excellence will be considered for a spotlight. This can have to do with their College Project, Honors in Action Project, their overall chapter performance, or their achieving a higher star level than last year.
  • Any chapter that reaches out to us and asks to be featured, giving reasons to do so, will be considered for the Chapter Spotlight. You can reach out directly to your District Executive or to any other team member.
  • Any chapter that is nominated by any Phi Theta Kappa member will be considered.

Literary Submissions

The Rocky Mountain Cascade Region's members are some of the smartest and most articulate people in the world! We want to showcase that. Starting today you can submit an essay, poem, or short story for a chance to have it featured in this monthly newsletter! Don't be shy, and don't be afraid -- we'd love to see your work. No submission is guaranteed to be published in the newsletter, but all submissions will be reviewed and considered. 

All submissions should be sent to (our Regional VP of Communication's email).

Literary Submission Guidelines:
  • No vulgar language or themes.
  • No longer than two pages for each submission (though we aren't opposed to doing installments on longer stories, essays, or poems).
  • Finally, you must make the subject field something to the effect of "Regional Literary Submission: Poem/Short Story/Essay." This is vital for a submission, or it may not be published.
Monthly Poll Question

Every month from now on the region will have the chance to vote on a poll put forward by the Regional Newsletter. This question may be for fun, but will usually be in order to address any issues the region may need resolved. The data from these polls will be collected and utilized, and we thank you for your participation!

Which of the following workshops would you rather see at the 2016 RMC Fall Conference:
A. Empowerment
B. Membership Recruitment
C. Effective Communication
D. PTK 101
E. Collegefish
F. All of the Above
G. Other

Click here to submit your answer.

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