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The conference was so awesome, everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who came. Now it's time to get down to business on our HIA and College projects!

This month's newsletter will cover:

Regional Team's Conference Reflections
Tips on getting your HIA and College Projects done on time
New Logo Competition Winner Announcement
Chapter Spotlight
Literary Submission
Monthly Poll

Regional Fall Conference Reflections

Every month our Regional Team will give you a quick update on what's happening in our region and its districts:
Kristian Reyes, Regional President


This year’s Fall Conference was an unforgettable experience for me, as Regional President. When the regional team was getting ready for the Fall Conference, I was told that there were going to be over seventy people at the Fall Conference; I got so excited. This was my opportunity to get to meet some of the Phi Theta Kappans in the Rocky Mountain Cascade Region. A quick thanks to the host chapter, Alpha Kappa Omicron, who helped plan an amazing weekend for everyone. I’d also like to thank Alexa Greer, our International Vice President for Division IV, for being such an inspiring guest speaker.


I have so many memories from that weekend that I can’t fit it all into these two paragraphs, but I will quickly try to cover some of the highlights. From trivia night to the Mock Hallmark writing to the Pie-in-the-face fundraiser, I was kept on my toes the entire event. Some of you may have seen me running around for whatever reasons I had that day, but seeing all the fellowship throughout the event motivates me even more to do my very best for this region. I wish you all the best, until next month!!


Kristian Reyes

RMC Regional President

Cassie James, Northern District Executive:

Jason Ward, Vice President and Eastern District Executive:

Jantyne Bunce, Western District Executive:

Hello All—

The HIA Regional Conference has come and gone. Wow, what an experience! I learned so much and hope those who attended did also. 

This is just a bit of what I learned:

How to chart your chapter’s HIA Hallmark. I personally got so many newbie questions answered. It was like a giant, “ah-ha” moment. I hope that I can better explain the HIA to my home chapter and other chapters. 

That in life, things change; learn to be fluid. Even though something is discussed, planned and organized, things change. This is life and this is okay. How you or your team chooses to react to the changes can show some incredible character. I am personally proud of the host chapter, Alpha Kappa Omicron, and the entire regional team for showing such great teamwork and fluidity. 

That at times, as a student leader, things can get chaotic, complicated, frustrating, and stressful. Tensions can rise, but if we can keep ourselves cool, calm and collected the tides continue to roll in and out. As student leaders we do not have to wear our struggles on our shoulder. 

“The captain of a ship can run a great ship, but he can't do anything about the tides.” 
― Matthew Norman, Domestic Violets

We would love to hear from those who attended. What did you all learn?

Marissa Cowles, Southern District Executive:

Thank you to all who attended our fall conference! And a huge thank you to our host chapter who put in hours of planning and hard work to ensure we all could have an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Even though I personally spent the majority of the conference being horrendously sick, I still had a great experience and truly enjoyed meeting somewonderful people and learning new and interesting things. I can't wait to see everyone (and new faces too!) at our upcoming spring convention!!

In the words of the the eternal Troy Bolton: Get your head in the game! HIA and College Project deadlines are super close!

Here's some tips on getting it all done

by Ben Lawrence, Regional VP of Communication
  • Your projects should be done by December 31st. And the write up is due January 27th.
  • Which means that at this point your chapter should be launching or in the midst of the Action portion of your project. Remember, research is incredibly important, but it's Honors in Action, not Honors and the Elegy of Research (though that sounds like a great YA novel).
  • If you haven't yet begun your Action, reread tip #1: STAY CLAM. There's still time. Tap into your resources. Your fellow students, advisers, and regional team are always there for you - not to forget your school's staff and the community at large. You CAN get this done.
  • Finally, give yourself plenty of time to do the write up; draft, proofread, redraft/edit, proofread, etc. Most importantly, make like Santa Clause and check it twice - or more. However, unlike Santa, refrain from watching others while they're sleeping and don't memorize someones's sleeping schedule; that might be weird.
I love you all, and can't wait to see you again! Good luck with your projects!

Regional Honors in Action Project

Those of you who were at the Regional Fall Conference got the chance to participate in the Regional Team's Honors in Action video project. Everyone who volunteered shot a short video about why they joined PTK - for individual growth or for a more collectivist reason - and what keeps them around today.

If you weren't there or were and didn't get to participate, you still can! Contact Cassie, our Northern District Executive for more information. We'll be collecting videos for a few more weeks still before revealing it to everyone, so don't be shy!

Cassie's email: 

New Logo Design Competition Winner!


This will now be the official symbol of the Rocky Mountain Cascade Region. Thank you to everyone who cast your votes!
Chapter Spotlight

Alpha Sigma Upsilon
Umpqua Community College - Roseburg, OR

Advsor Team

o   Marjan Coester

o   Diana Kelly

o   Mary Stinnett

Student Officer Team

o   President-- Jantyne Bunce          

o   VP-Leadership—Ciara Byars        

o   VP-Scholarship—KC Perley

o   VP-Service—Ciara Byars

o   VP-Fellowship—KC Perley

o   Public Relations—Roy Fenn

o   Recording Secretary—Alicia Jones

o   Treasurer—Tanya Williams

o   Membership—Brittany Eggers

Alpha Sigma Upsilon chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is working hard on two separate PTK initiatives. The Honors in Action theme we chose is the Natural and Engineered. Our chapter is focused on the waste management issue of our community. Our College Project is focusing on the revamping of our campus garden. We have been overwhelmed with support and encouragement in this project. The overall mission of this College Project is to encourage a campus community inclusive garden open to clubs, faculty and staff. We are excited to see both of these PTK initiatives through. The possibilities and benefits are endless. 

As the President of Alpha Sigma Upsilon, I am proud and humbled by the inspiration, encouragement, and team work this team and Phi Theta Kappa shares. 

Jantyne K Bunce- 
Alpha Sigma Upsilon President 
Rocky Mountain Cascade Western District officer
Umpqua Community College Peer Mentor


How does your chapter get featured in the spotlight?
  • Any chapter that raises their chapter level to at least one start higher than last year will take immediate priority for the spotlight. This is part of our initiative to have every chapter in the region be at least a 2 Star chapter. No chapter is guaranteed to be featured in the spotlight, but this is the best way to do so.
  • Any chapter that demonstrates particular excellence will be considered for a spotlight. This can have to do with their College Project, Honors in Action Project, their overall chapter performance, or their achieving a higher star level than last year.
  • Any chapter that reaches out to us and asks to be featured, giving reasons to do so, will be considered for the Chapter Spotlight. You can reach out directly to your District Executive or to any other team member.
  • Any chapter that is nominated by any Phi Theta Kappa member will be considered.

Literary Submissions

The Rocky Mountain Cascade Region's members are some of the smartest and most articulate people in the world! We want to showcase that. Starting today you can submit an essay, poem, or short story for a chance to have it featured in this monthly newsletter! Don't be shy, and don't be afraid -- we'd love to see your work. No submission is guaranteed to be published in the newsletter, but all submissions will be reviewed and considered. 

All submissions should be sent to (our Regional VP of Communication's email).

Literary Submission Guidelines:

  • No vulgar language or themes.
  • No longer than two pages for each submission (though we aren't opposed to doing installments on longer stories, essays, or poems).
  • Finally, you must make the subject field something to the effect of "Regional Literary Submission: Poem/Short Story/Essay." This is vital for a submission, or it may not be published.
Monthly Poll Question

Every month from now on the region will have the chance to vote on a poll put forward by the Regional Newsletter. This question may be for fun, but will usually be in order to address any issues the region may need resolved. The data from these polls will be collected and utilized, and we thank you for your participation!

This week we have two questions!

What was the best part of fall conference?

A. The breakout sessions
B. The guest speaker, Alexa Greer
C. The mock HIA/College projects
D. Meeting new people 
E. Other

Click here to submit your answer.

What could we improve for next year?

It's free form, so type out your honest response!

Click here to submit your answer.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Regional Team to every single one of the AMAZING Rocky Mountain Cascade members. This year, we're abundantly thankful for each and every one of you.
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