Happy New Year Rocky Mountain Cascade Region!

While there's not much to talk about right now, there are three big things to cover: getting your projects turned in, running for regional office, and the Regional HIA!

This month's newsletter will cover:

Regional Officer Updates
Project Deadlines
Running for Regional Team
Regional HIA Update
Chapter Spotlight
Literary Submission
Monthly Poll

Regional Updates

Every month our Regional Team will give you a quick update on what's happening in our region and its districts:
Kristian Reyes, Regional President

Hey Rocky Mountain Region!!
I hope you all had an awesome winter break. It’s been a while, and I miss you all. 
It’s that time of year again…Hallmarks!! There is still time to work on your hallmarks; although I do hope you aren’t just starting to write them. Trust me, it takes a lot of time and effort. Use all the resources you have: past officers, regional officers, and writing instructors/tutors. Also use for past examples that will help you write the hallmark. The rubric becomes your best friend when writing the hallmark. While writing hallmarks can be difficult, the results are incredible. You have a chance to be the top chapter in the region; you even have a chance to be the top chapter in all of Phi Theta Kappa. I hope to see you all win awards at the Spring Convention or maybe even PTK Cataylst.
I wish you luck in your hallmarks and in your winter term.
Until next time,
Kristian Reyes
RMC Regional President


Cassie James, Northern District Executive:

Hey Northern District! 

I hope you all had a wonderful winter break! I also hope that the weather ends soon so we can get started. Winter term is the time for hallmarks and I hope yours are well under way. They aren't always the easiest to write. My recommendation is to reach out to alumni who have written a hallmark and ask them how they tackled it. Take it to writing tutors/teachers along with the rubric and ask them to grade it. After they've graded it ask them how you can improve your hallmark. Don't forget that I'm here to answer questions and give advice. I hope that all of you do well and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your winning hallmarks at the international convention! 

Also, OSAC scholarships are open and the early bird is in February. So, jump on it for a chance to win even more scholarships. If you have questions about that I'm available to help out. 

Have a great winter term! 

Cassandra James 
Northern District Executive, RMC

DeLinda Martin-Huggins, Regional Coordinator:

Hello Rocky Mountain Cascade! Fall was a whirlwind of training, Toolkits, HIA and College projects, Fall Conference, and general Phi Theta Kappa fabulousness! ​I know the HIA and College projects are a lot of work (and a lot of fun), and I would love to hear about your chapter's HIA projects. Feel free to send me an email with info and pictures.
This term I'm looking forward to continuing work with the Regional Officer Team, planning for the Regional Spring Awards Ceremony, and encouraging you all to consider running for Regional or International Office. There are many benefits to positions in both offices including further developing your leadership skills, broadening your personal and professional networks, creating lifelong friendships, and so much more. Feel free to contact me about these rewarding positions.

DeLinda Martin-Huggins,
Regional Coordinator


HIA and College Project Deadlines Are Here!

Ben Lawrence, Regional VP of Communication

Here are the need-to-know things in the final days before the HIA and College Projects close:
  • There are only 10 days left before the project write-ups have to be completed and submitted to PTK Headquarters. They are due no later than January 25th at 5pm.
  • Write, proofread, edit, rewrite if necessary, and make sure that at least three pairs of eyes gaze at it.
  • The max word limit for the HIA write-up is 2600 words, and you can find the the rest if the HIA Rubrics here.
  • The max word limit for the College Project is 1200 words, and you can find the the rest if the College Project Rubrics here.
  • Be sure to INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS from the rubrics in your write up. You're not writing an essay. You're answering questions.
  • Finally, put your heart into it, and be honest. They don't want sunshine and butterflies. They want the truth; if a team member was awful during this project and no work was done due to it, put that in there. That's an extreme of course - our region is too good for that business. (:

Regional Honors in Action Project

Those of you who were at the Regional Fall Conference got the chance to participate in the Regional Team's Honors in Action video project. Everyone who volunteered shot a short video about why they joined PTK - for individual growth or for a more collectivist reason - and what keeps them around today.

If you weren't there or were and didn't get to participate, you still can! Contact Cassie, our Northern District Executive for more information. We'll be collecting videos for a few more weeks still before revealing it to everyone, so don't be shy!

Cassie's email: 
Chapter Spotlight

Alpha Kappa Omicron
Chemeketa Community College - Salem, OR

Chapter Officers
President  -  Donnie Molleson
Vice President  -  Jennifer Bowers
Recording Secretary  -  Katie Wickman
Treasurer  -  Kandice Violett
Student Adviser  -  Lindsey Caudle
VP of Public Relations  -  Liliana Navarro

Rebecca Mello

 Adam Holden
Kay Bunnenberg Boehmer
Sara Dennison
Km Bain

Donnie Molleson has some words for the Rocky Mountain Cascade Region:

“I am proud and honored to step up to the president’s role in the Alpha Kappa Omicron chapter.  We had a very successful year in 2016, despite the many challenges we encountered.  I believe our chapter will continue to be successful and accomplish many great things in 2017.”

Our chapter’s rise to prominence began with the 2016 Regional Spring Conference in Albany.  We went there as individuals, but left as a team.  Our officers were were greatly inspired by the atmosphere and the fellowship and the information provided in the breakout sessions. 

When we returned home, we immediately began working on plans to host the 2016 Regional Spring Conference and our 2016 Spring Induction Ceremony.  It was amazing how our team pulled together and put on two very successful events.

The success our chapter comes from our ability to develop plans for our projects and carry them out through the development and implementation phasesz.  We place a lot of emphasis on our planning process and believe this is the most effective way for us to achieve our objectives.

Alpha Kappa Omicron chapter has over 500 members on campus. This makes us the largest student organization at Chemeketa,. One of our primary goals this year, I hope will be,is to reach out to our membership and provide effective programs and services that allow them to build on their personal and professional skills.  We also have big plans to greatly improve our membership and make a strong push in the Reach program.

We have come a long ways since last year and we look forward to continuing our winning ways in 2017.  We have appreciated the strong support from the region and look forward to continuing our relationship with them."

How does your chapter get featured in the spotlight?
  • Any chapter that raises their chapter level to at least one start higher than last year will take immediate priority for the spotlight. This is part of our initiative to have every chapter in the region be at least a 2 Star chapter. No chapter is guaranteed to be featured in the spotlight, but this is the best way to do so.
  • Any chapter that demonstrates particular excellence will be considered for a spotlight. This can have to do with their College Project, Honors in Action Project, their overall chapter performance, or their achieving a higher star level than last year.
  • Any chapter that reaches out to us and asks to be featured, giving reasons to do so, will be considered for the Chapter Spotlight. You can reach out directly to your District Executive or to any other team member.
  • Any chapter that is nominated by any Phi Theta Kappa member will be considered.

Literary Submissions

The Rocky Mountain Cascade Region's members are some of the smartest and most articulate people in the world! We want to showcase that. Starting today you can submit an essay, poem, or short story for a chance to have it featured in this monthly newsletter! Don't be shy, and don't be afraid -- we'd love to see your work. No submission is guaranteed to be published in the newsletter, but all submissions will be reviewed and considered. 

All submissions should be sent to (our Regional VP of Communication's email).

Literary Submission Guidelines:

  • No vulgar language or themes.
  • No longer than two pages for each submission (though we aren't opposed to doing installments on longer stories, essays, or poems).
  • Finally, you must make the subject field something to the effect of "Regional Literary Submission: Poem/Short Story/Essay." This is vital for a submission, or it may not be published.
Monthly Poll Question

Every month from now on the region will have the chance to vote on a poll put forward by the Regional Newsletter. This question may be for fun, but will usually be in order to address any issues the region may need resolved. The data from these polls will be collected and utilized, and we thank you for your participation!

Did you get your HIA and College Project done this year?
  • Yes, both
  • Just the HIA
  • Just the College Project
  • Almost, but we ran out of time/resources
  • No
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