Hello Rocky Mountain Cascade Region!

Welcome to the 2016/17 year!

This is going to be a big year for the Rocky Mountain Cascade Region. The brand new Regional Team has amazing plans for you and the region, the first being this new and improved monthly news letter!

Regional News: Meet the New Regional Team!

At Rocky Mountain Cascade's 2016 Spring Conference, the region was introduced to its brand new regional team. Now, you can get to know them:

Kristian Reyes
Regional President

Hello Rocky Mountain Cascade Region!! My name is Kristian Reyes; I am honored and ecstatic to serve as your 2016 - 2017 Regional President. As we continue to be involved in the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, I am confident that we will continue to grow personally and professionally. I invite you to reach out to your Regional Officers and let us know what you would like to see happen this year. Let’s work together as a region to make this year unforgettable!!

Here's some fun facts about me:

One surprising fact: I have an addiction to sweet tea. Oh! And I am a big fan of Pokemon!!
One of my hopes is to visit all 50 states. I’ve been to California, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, North Carolina, and Washington. I have 44 more states to visit.
When I have spare time, I like to cook or go to the gym! But I usually just end up taking naps.
I am currently attending Mt. Hood Community College with an ultimate goal of obtaining a Masters in Civil Engineering. 

Jason Ward
Regional Vice President

Hello, Rocky Mountain Cascade Region! I am your 2016/17 Vice President and Eastern District Executive, Jason Ward. I am a student at the College of Western Idaho in Nampa, Idaho where I am Chapter President of Beta Sigma Pi and a Presidential Ambassador. This year, I want to increase the level of contact I have with the other three schools in the Eastern Region and get to know the chapter advisors as well as the officer teams. I’ll be sending emails, letters, and making phone calls to introduce myself and the Rocky Mountain-Cascade Regional Officer Team. I want to help everyone become more actively involved in regional activities and get to Five Star status as chapters! Please call, text, email, send smoke signals, skywrite, telegram, or signal me with semaphore at any time. 

Here's some fun facts about me:

Along with being a regional officer, I'm also a stand-up comedian and an author. He's featured for Auggie Smith at Liquid Laughs in Boise and been selected as a finalist for House of Horror’s Best of 2010 Horror Anthology.
I would love to sail around the world after graduating, but that seems so far away as my plans include a doctorate degree in chemistry or physics.
After graduating, I hope to be a research scientist and college professor, and in case that falls through I have comedy to fall back on.
In my spare time, I learn esoteric skills such as archery and atlatl construction. 

Benjamin Lawrence
Regional Vice President of Communications

RMC, whoop whoop! I'm super excited to be your 2016/17 VP of Communications! This year I want to bridge the gap between chapter and region. We may be spread out across several schools and three states, but that makes communications all the more important. If nothing else, I want this year's regional team to be the most approachable and easy-to-reach team yet. If you ever have any questions or ideas or just want to chat, I'm always here and ready to talk up a storm with you!

Here's some fun facts about me:

I'm an author of two published fantasy novels (self-published through Amazon, to be fair). I'm also working on a small collection of short stories, poems, and essays, and my next novel is in the works!
I've lived in six states and have traveled to most of the others.
My biggest dream is to be an infamous author and also to travel across Europe and pretty much the rest of the world. Also, I'd like a pet pig.
I just finished my transfer degree at Columbia Gorge Community College, and will now be working on a business major.

Cassandra James
Northern District Executive 

Hello, Rocky Mountain Cascade Region! My name is Cassandra James, and I'm your newest Northern District Executive. I attend school at Mt.Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon. I’m really excited about serving the region for the 2016-2017 school year. My goal this year is to meet with each of the chapters in my district and aid them in whatever they may need help with. Another goal is to check in with the chapters and see how their relationship is with their school administration. I know this can be a big hurdle, so I want to help any chapter that is having this struggle. I look forward to meeting everyone this year. I also look forward to making this a memorable year for all the chapters in my district.

Here's some fun facts about me:

I attend school at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon. Currently, I am a Pre-Med major with a possible minor in Zoology.
Once I finish school with my Bachelors I plan to apply to medical school where I will pursue a career in Oculoplastic surgery.
In my scarce spare time I enjoy knitting, playing with my adorable pups, and becoming a Pokemon master (ya' know what all kids dream of).
I don’t have many surprising facts about myself, but at the age 23 I bought my first house which is kinda cool.
One place on my bucket list is South Korea. I love Korean food and TV, so I’d love to check it out.

Jantyne Bunce
Western District Executive 

My name is Jantyne Bunce; JT is absolutely acceptable. I am the Rocky Mountain Cascade Western District Executive. I am also the Alpha Sigma Upsilon Chapter President for Umpqua Community College. I decided to run for the RMC Western District Officer position for a couple of reasons: I saw it as an opportunity for personal growth and knowledge, I saw it as an opportunity to learn ways to encourage growth for Umpqua Community College's Chapter, and to also help other chapters and students in their personal growth. My goals and hopes for this region are to have a competitive yet cooperative team building and communication effort, district and region wide. I am excited for all I have to learn from this team.
Here's some fun facts about me:

 My biggest bucket list item is to go on a cruise! 
My favorite thing to do in my spare time is hiking with my family.
I received my associates in accounting and am now in the process of earning my bachelors in business with a focus in accounting through UCC and Eastern Oregon University. 
After school a lot of things are in the air at this point, but I would love to become a Certified Public Accountant. My main passion and reasoning for why I went into accounting in the first place is to help individuals who get into a debt crisis find a way to pull themselves out of the mounds of debt. 

Marissa Cowles
Southern District Executive 

Hi, Rocky Mountain Cascade Region! I am excited to begin my second year as your Southern District Executive. Last year I was able to assist with many positive changes within our region including the creation of our new website! I am looking forward to discovering what new accomplishments our new team can achieve this year. As a regional officer I have had the opportunity to meet many truly amazing and inspiring people from our region. I will sincerely do my best to represent and serve you to the best of my abilities. Here's to another amazing year! And, as always, stay nerdy my friends.

Here's some fun facts about me:

I look like I'm 17, but am actually 25.
I would like to ride a unicorn across a rainbow while dressed as a t-rex - life dream. 
I love to cross stitch and hug my kitty cat (even though she hates it). 
I am working on my degree in psychology and hope to be a therapist someday. 

DeLinda Martin-Huggins
Regional Coordinator 

Hello Phi Theta Kappa Rocky Mountain Cascade! I'm DeLinda Martin-Huggins your Regional Coordinator. Welcome to a new academic year, and the start of a great year with Phi Theta Kappa. I hope to get to know you and your chapter, and I look forward to many interactions at Toolkits, Conferences, and Regional projects. Like you, I started my journey with Phi Theta Kappa as a member. As I learned more about PTK, so did my involvement as a officer at Beta Epsilon Gamma, an advisor at Beta Epsilon Gamma and then Beta Gamma Lambda, and currently as your Regional Coordinator. 

Here's some fun facts about me:

When I'm not busy with Phi Theta Kappa, I enjoy spending time with my family including my two sons Codi and Antonio and my husband Brad, playing and relaxing at the beach, reading and researching, and playing with my two pups Lily (a Jack Russell) and Rose (a Beagle).
I also stay busy working with students at Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus as the Student Leadership Assistant Coordinator where I advise Phi Theta Kappa, clubs on campus, and the event programming team.
I like to have fun, I like to learn, and I LOVE Phi Theta Kappa!

Michelle Gietl
Associate Regional Coordinator

Hey, Rocky Mountain Cascade! I'm currently a Student Life Advisor at Columbia Gorge Community College. I've been a Phi Theta Kappa member since 2009, and was was also the President of the Alpha Sigma Xi Chapter from 2009-11. I can’t wait to work with the 2016-17 RMC Regional Officer Team and chapters this year. I'm looking forward to bringing the chapter advisors, officers and members together to build a stronger region. I always remember that Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship are the four pillars that make Phi Theta Kappa such an incredible organization, and I'm excited to see the region grow together, learn from each other and strive for excellence.

Here's some fun facts about me:

I am Sicilian and one of my goals is to go to Italy and Sicily.
I don't feel complete when I leave the house if I don't have earrings on.
One of these days, I want to open up my own event planning business.
My husband is my rock, best friend and biggest cheerleader.

More Updates

We're working hard to increase regional involvement and communication, and that's why...
  • We're setting big goals for the year. Our regional team is putting our chapters first. We aim to bring every chapter up to at least 2 stars, get everyone involved in a region wide Honors in Action project, and become one of the best regions in all of Phi Theta Kappa, to name a few. You can find out more at our regional website.
  • We've revamped our website! Our regional website is officially up to date for the 2016/17 year. There are fewer pages with more content, including regional team bios, regional goals, important calendar dates, resources and scholarship opportunities, and more!
  • We're working on a Regional Honors in Action Project. More information will come as the Regional Team organizes its plans, but we'll keep you updated. When the time comes, we hope you're all ready to join in!
  • The Regional Newsletter will feature new opportunities for the region's members. These opportunities may include monthly polls, literature submissions, a chapter highlight, and competitions. More on all that below...

New Year, New Logo! Will your design be chosen?

The Regional Team is happy to announce that we'll be implementing a brand new Rocky Mountain Cascade logo over the never few months. What will the new logo be? Well, that's up to you -- the members! Starting September 15th, 2016, we will be accepting your submissions for the new regional logo. More details will be coming next month, including guidelines and parameters, deadlines, and more. We look forward to seeing your submissions!
Chapter Spotlight

The hardworking chapters of the Rocky Mountain Cascade Region deserve recognition! That's why, starting next month, we will begin publishing monthly Chapter Spotlights highlighting a specific chapter. This spotlight will tell you a little about their chapter, their school, their advisor(s), and their team.

How do you get featured in the spotlight?
  • Any chapter that raises their chapter level to at least one start higher than last year will take immediate priority for the spotlight. This is part of our initiative to have every chapter in the region be at least a 2 Star chapter. No chapter is guaranteed to be featured in the spotlight, but this is the best way to do so.
  • Any chapter that demonstrates particular excellence will be considered for a spotlight. This can have to do with their College Project, Honors in Action Project, their overall chapter performance, or their achieving a higher star level than last year.
  • Any chapter that reaches out to us and asks to be featured, giving reasons to do so, will be considered for the Chapter Spotlight. You can reach out directly to your District Executive or to any other team member.

Literary Submissions

The Rocky Mountain Cascade Region's members are some of the smartest and most articulate people in the world! We want to showcase that. Starting today you can submit an essay, poem, or short story for a chance to have it featured in this monthly newsletter! Don't be shy, and don't be afraid -- we'd love to see your work. No submission is guaranteed to be published in the newsletter, but all submissions will be reviewed and considered. 

All submissions should be sent to (our Regional VP of Communication's email).

Literary Submission Guidelines:
  • No vulgar language or themes.
  • No longer than two pages for each submission (though we aren't opposed to doing installments on longer stories, essays, or poems).
  • Finally, you must make the subject field something to the effect of "Regional Literary Submission: Poem/Short Story/Essay." This is vital for a submission, or it may not be published.
Monthly Poll Question

Every month from now on the region will have the chance to vote on a poll put forward by the Regional Newsletter. This question may be for fun, but will usually be in order to address any issues the region may need resolved. The data from these polls will be collected and utilized, and we thank you for your participation!

Which of the following areas of do you think needs the most improvement in the region:
A. Service/Volunteer Opportunities
B. Additional Events
C. Fundraising Campaigns
D. Regional HIA Project 
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