ISSUE 1 - MARCH 2017
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After an intermission of nearly 3 years, it is with great enthusiasm that we present a new edition of the CRIDS Newletter.
The information it contains is designed to be of interest not only for CRIDS members, but also for ‘outsiders’ (administrations, enterprises, law firms, consultants, regulators, research centres, etc). From now on, you will find it regularly on the CRIDS website (, a site that also deserves to be discovered for the number of other services it offers.
We are convinced that CRIDS is doing fine and the Newsletter shows this. It informs, today and tomorrow, about who we are and what we do.
We are also pleased to announce, for this October, a conference on our specific research topic for 2016/17: the robotization of life (robots, artificial intelligence, algorithms, automatization of justice, etc.). This event will be organized in the context of the 50th anniversary of our law faculty.
In the meantime CRIDS joined the Namur Digital Institute – NADI. This research institute gathers together all research conducted at the University of Namur on ‘digitalization’ in a broad sense. From the next issue on, we hope to present more information on NADI and its activities in our Newsletter.
We wish you an enjoyable reading of this first edition of the Newsletter. Please do not hesitate to share it with colleagues and … to contact us for any comment or suggestion you might have.

The editors

Last projects

The objective of INSPEX is to make obstacle detection capabilities that are currently only feasible on autonomous vehicles available as a personal portable/wearable multi-sensor, miniaturised, low power spatial exploration system. The INSPEX System will be used for real-time 3D detection, location and warning of obstacles under all environmental conditions in indoor and outdoor environments with static and mobile obstacles. Applications include navigation for the visually/mobility impaired, safer human navigation in reduced visibility conditions and small robot/drone obstacle avoidance.

IDEES: m-Health
This project is to prototype a platform of secured demonstration applying to the field of eHealth the future Internet technologies developed in other projects.

The goal of the project is an enhanced biometric-­based person identification system that works robustly across a range of border crossing types and that has strong user-centric features. The system will be deployed in Automated Border Control (ABC) areas supporting border guards to facilitate smooth and rapid crossing by travellers based on deployment of the next generation of biometric identification detection methods.

More projects

Last publications

New acquisitions of the documentation centre

Wagner, Ben. Global free expression : governing the boundaries of internet content (Law, governance and technology series; 28), Springer: Dordrecht, 2016. ISBN: 9783319335117. XV, 184 p..
Bensoussan, Alain ; Avignon, Céline ; Falque-Pierrotin, Isabelle.
Règlement européen sur la protection des données : textes, commentaires et orientations pratiques (Lexing - Technologies avancées & Droit), Larcier: Bruxelles, 2016. ISBN: 9782804492298. XII, 707 p.
Lobet-Maris, Claire ; Grandjean, Nathalie ; Vanmeerbeek, Perrine ; Poullet, Yves.
Petits entretiens de la vie privée : expérience quotidienne sur le web (Univer'Cité; 4), Presses universitaires de Namur: Namur, 2016. ISBN: 9782870379233. 158 p.
More acquisitions

CRIDS in the press

Antoinette Rouvroy (Data Gueule - 16th January, 2017)
Marketing politique: démocra-ciblée

Elise Degrave (RTBF - 15th December, 2016)
4 arrêts surprenants rendus par la Cour de Cassation

Jean-Noël Colin ( - 8th December, 2016)
Kaspersky Lab et European Schoolnet débattent de l'avenir d'une profession vitale

Elise Degrave (Revue Alter échos, 21st November, 2016)
Sécurité sociale: l'échange hors contrôle de nos données

Yves Poullet (Daily Science - 6th November, 2016)
L’e-santé en quatre rendez-vous à Charleroi

Amélie Lachapelle (Le Vif/L'Express, 25th October, 2016)
Fiscalité : l'échange automatique d'informations va-t-il créer un véritable big bang?

Nathalie Grandjean (RTBF - 23rd October, 2016)
La révolution transhumaniste, améliorer l'homme

Quentin Van Enis (RTL-TVI - 12th September, 2016)
Images à l'appui - Photo volée?

Hervé Jacquemin (L’Echo - 7th September, 2016)
L’archivage électronique, chronique d’un départ annoncé

Our visitors portraits

13th-15th December:
Luiz Costa
Visiting fellow at CRIDS and Prosecutor of the Federal Republic of Brazil, Luiz Costa conducted research into relation between technologies and protection of individual liberties.

19th-27th October:
Wickler Engwanda Adjuba
Head of works at the Faculty of law of the University of the Congo and former DTIC student, Mr Engwanda Adjuba visited the centre. He took advantage of his stay to work on his dissertation dealing with "Congolese law and the provision of services of the information society."

13th October:
Manuel Tirard
Associate Professor of Law and Director of International Affairs at the Legal and Economics Department of the University of New Caledonia, he came to explore opportunities for collaboration, particularly at the level of education (i.e. MS en DTIC).

Last talks

Criminalité informatique - intervention réalisée dans le cadre de la "Formation en règlementation européenne des communications électroniques et de la société de l’information"
Franck Dumortier, 2017

Les flux transfrontières - intervention réalisée dans le cadre de la « Formation en règlementation européenne des communications électroniques et de la société de l’information »

Thomas Tombal, 26th January 2017

Academic Symposium: Harmonizing European Intermediary Liability in Copyright

Quentin Van Enis, 14th January 2017

Les obligations de sécurité informatique dans le GDPR, la directive NIS et la loi du 13 juin 2005
Franck Dumortier, 21st December 2016
Table-ronde sur la protection des lanceurs d'alerte à l'initiative du député Jean-Marc Nollet
Quentin Van Enis, 19th December 2016

Défaire la gouvernementalité algorithmique: plaidoyer pour un droit des espaces-temps potentiels", Conférence "Penser la digitalisation : le pouvoir à l’âge digital", organisée par François Ewald, Bernard E. Harcourt & Daniele Lorenzini à Columbia Law School (Global Center, Paris)
Antoinette Rouvroy, 14th December 2016
More keynote talks

Upcoming events

16th March:
La protection des consommateurs et autres utilisateurs finals dans le secteur des communications électroniques

12th May:
(loi du 25 décembre 2016)

More details are to follow shortly on this page

Past events

10th February:
Les nouveautés en matière de services de confiance depuis la loi du 21 juillet 2016 (archivage, signature, cachet et recommandé électroniques)
More information

3rd February:
L'enfant acteur dans son parcours de soins - Living Lab Experience around the 'La Clinique En-Jeu' project
More information

2nd February:
BITS seminar: 'Internet & IP Peering'
More information


New members

Benedikt Rosskamp
Benedikt Rosskamp joined CRIDS' Technology and Society Unit in January 2017.
Read more

Manon Knockaert

Manon Knockaert joined the IP Unit in September 2016.
Read more
Antoine Delforge
Antoine Delforge joined the the ‘Freedoms in the Information Society’ and ‘Intellectual property’ units of CRIDS in September 2016.
Read more
Marie Demoulin
Marie Demoulin is a professor at the University of Montréal and a visiting professor at the University of Namur where she is also working as a visiting researcher at CRIDS.
Read more
Michèle Ledger
Michèle Ledger joined the CRIDS in September 2016. Her areas of research are on the EU regulatory framework governing audiovisual media services, information society services, OTT communications services and the cross-cutting issues.
Read more
Thomas Tombal
Thomas Tombal joined the centre in August 2016 to work on the FLEXPUB project, which is funded by the BRAIN programme (Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks) of BELSPO.
Read more
Alexia Petit
Alexia Petit joined us in September 2016 as Financial Officer of CRIDS. She thus succeeds Diana Jaume who is working now within the Financial department of the University of Namur.
Read more

They left the Centre

Bénédicte Losdyck
Bénédicte Losdyck has been working since November as Legal Counsel at BNP Paribas Fortis Bank.

Caroline Ker

Caroline Ker left the CRIDS in December to join the legal department of the Belgian federation of cooperative enterprises (FEBECOOP).
Séverine Dusollier
Séverine Dusollier left the CRIDs in September to join Sciences-Po Paris where she conducts research in the field of copyright, the public domain and the commons.
Diana Jaume
Diana Jaume served during two years as Executive Director of CRIDS before leaving the centre in September to join the financial department of UNamur. She is now in charge of the Management Cell of Research Agreements.

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