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We found a couple of bad pieces of information in the email we sent last night.

Jay Howard running for the District 1 Council position
We got his last name wrong earlier.

The link for Council District points to a link that is wrong on the City's website.
We have reported this error to the City - in the meantime, the button now links to an alternate site that shows the districts. 

Thousand Friends of Martinez

The candidate list is set!
Here is who is running in the Martinez area.

Martinez Mayor
Brianne Zorn
Michael R. Ayers
Mike Menesini
Sean Trambley
Lara Delaney
Mark Ross
Martinez City Council District 1
Jay Howard
Nakenya Allen
Martinez City Council District 4
Ben Therriault
Debbie McKillop
Martinez USD Area 1 Short Term
Carlos M. Melendez
Martinez USD Area 3 
Yazmin Llamas
Marcy LeBeouf
Martinez USD Area 5
Tania E. Brugger
Mt. Diablo Unified School District Area 2
Linda Mayo
Which City Council District are you in?
Which MUSD Area are you in?
Candidates Night
Thursday September 22
at 7pm

More info in the coming weeks

Waterfront and Marina
Brianne Zorn
Martinez City Council
It’s been several months since I last wrote on the waterfront and marina. The staff have been busy queueing up construction projects that were approved and funded by City Council. There are many people who have been asking clarifying questions, so I wanted to provide everyone an update. 
Fishing Pier Temporary Repairs – The City Council approved emergency funding for repairs to the fishing pier in late 2021, but an emergency permit to conduct in-water repairs was not granted and the permit restricted in-water work to start no earlier than June. After permits were received, the project went out to bid and the City awarded the contract to Power Engineering. The project has been delayed from starting immediately due to Covid issues and long lead times for materials (8 to 10 weeks!).  The construction is scheduled for September 19th. While it is frustrating the fishing pier has been closed to pedestrians for almost a year, there is light at the end of tunnel and a portion will be reopened soon. 

Fishing Pier Renovation - While the City did not receive the Prop 68 grant that I was championing in 2021, City staff were able to submit the project originally prepared for the grant application for a potential federal earmark via Congressman Thompson’s office. Stay tuned for news on this submittal! If good news is received, the full renovation wouldn’t occur until well into 2023. 

Marina Dredging - The City Council approved the funding for the dredging of the Marina in July and the bid was awarded to Lind Marine. Once final permits are in hand, dredging must be completed by November 30 (standard in-water work construction window). 

Waterfront Master Plan - A document City Council members have been citing for years, the Waterfront Master Plan, is finally moving forward and a contract has been awarded to SWA Group. City staff held a kickoff meeting in August and the next step will be the development of a robust public engagement strategy. People have been talking about this for years and now is your chance to provide input on the future of the Martinez waterfront. What do you want to see? Let us know! I’ll keep everyone updated on upcoming public meetings. 
Brianne Zorn for Mayor
Campaign Kickoff

Thursday September 1 at 7pm
(Note the new date)

Del Cielo Brewing Company
701 Escobar St., Martinez

Meet Brianne | Ask your questions
Discuss the issues that matter to you



Public Comment
They are looking for yours!

Deadline is September 22

The City has released the Draft General Plan and the associated Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  The drafts are available here. 

There is a lot of material here.  If you really want to help us, send the City Council an email and ask for the comment period to be extended.  Over 1000 pages of new data needs to be reviewed!
Here's a link to their email addresses

If you have kept up with our emails, you know we have questions about the General Plan. We are republishing below a revised article from our last email as a reminder of our concerns. We are pleased to report that a few issues of our issues have been addressed in this latest Draft GPU and have been removed from the article.

This is one of the more important decisions that our Council will make.  The future direction of the City is directed by the General Plan.  Your input makes a difference.  Click here for instructions to submit comments.
Special Notice - General Notice Density Review Meeting
Wednesday August 31 6pm
Council Chambers
525 Henrietta, Martinez
or Zoom
Here is the agenda

Major Ways the General Plan Update Hurts Our Town (Partial List)


·      We need density limits - you can help with this by attending the Density Review Meeting on August 31 (see above) .

·      will ruin our historic, safe, small-town nature

·      blocks connection with our hills & waterfront

·      has no plan for more parking despite allowing a huge amount of development 

Waterfrontno new housing development should go north of the railroad tracks

·      authorizes 400-500+ housing units and 1000+ residents on the Waterfront

·      allows 3, 4, 5-story buildings with high-density housing 

·      waterfront open space and park will be severely impacted: noise, light pollution, wildlife impacts, 24 hours a day

·      dangerous to potential residents---train accident and blocked crossings, earthquake & liquefaction, periodic flooding, train noise

·      historic homes and sports courts & huge parking lot will be lost

Park funding may be undermined

·      the GPU makes a major error in calculating our total park acreage

·      this undermines park funding and could even allow developers to get around mandatory park mitigation fees that are critical to funding our parks now

Housing density increases in almost every Martinez neighborhood—500% in one area.

·      The City refuses to compare this GPU to the current General Plan to show us what has changed, and give us a chance to understand it.  What are they afraid of?

See our website “General Plan Update” page for details.

More about Thousand Friends of Martinez
The Mission of Thousand Friends of Martinez is to provide a stable organization which will work with residents to elect informed, conscientious representatives; promote open government; enhance our quality of life by creating a livable city; defend our parks and open spaces, and; conserve natural areas and historic elements in the greater Martinez region.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Endorse, support and fund responsible and environmentally supportive leaders
  • Promote transparent government
  • Promote better land use planning and the development of policies for the public benefit
  • Defend parks, creeks, wetlands, open space and historic elements
  • Support budgeting, ballot measures and funding for these purposes
  • Educate the public about these objectives and strategies


Help Martinez strive for more transparent government, enlightened land use concepts and to defend parks, creeks, wetlands, open space and historic elements
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