Thousand Friends of Martinez - great opportunity for 2017
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Here's what is ahead for 2017
2016 was a busy year for Thousand Friends of Martinez.  2017 promises to be just as eventful.  See our annual report below.  Highlights include successful endorsement of Noralea Gipner and Measure R.

Martinez Open Space and Park Protection Initiative

Park advocates are planning to qualify an initiative with one primary purpose: it would require a vote of Martinez residents to change Park or Open Space General Plan or zoning designations on properties within the city limits. 

Before signature gathering begins, initiative text is submitted to the city for "title and summary."  That draft summary made clear the need for some clarifications in the initiative text.  At that time however, the proposed measure began being discussed by council members and others.  The initiative isn't in final form yet, so these discussions have been premature.

Thousand Friends of Martinez is helping to draft the measure and has endorsed the effort. Initiative language is still being tightened up. We will let you know when the text is available and when signature gathering begins.

Martinez' Most Important Project: General Plan Update

They Want to Build What?
Martinez’ Most Important Project:  The General Plan Update - Introduction
Thousand Friends of Martinez - Summary #1 - December 31, 2016

Did you know that Martinez is updating its General Plan, its most important guiding document?  Or that it’s been an almost 9 year process?  The General Plan represents the city’s vision for itself for the next 20 years. It should involve residents at every stage of its development.
What should downtown look like? Should developers pay their way? How much more traffic do we want? Should Martinez absorb Pacheco, or Vine Hill? Should we allow more development in the Alhambra Valley or in Franklin Canyon?  How much high-density housing should be allowed Downtown and throughout Martinez.  Should there be more apartments or more retail? The General Plan has a direct effect on what you can do on your property and on your property value.
If you’re interested in our city, in politics, or even whether someone can build something big next door to your house, in the Marina, or on our beautiful hills, you should be interested in Martinez’ General Plan Update.  Will the city council aim for a superior, state of the art General Plan, or the least they can get away with?

For the full summary click here

Annual Report from Thousand Friends of Martinez

Dear Friends & Supporters,
Thousand Friends of Martinez’ first election has come and gone. There will be an even more important one in less than two years.  We need to be prepared. Please renew your financial support today and donate generously so we can continue our efforts and prepare for 2018.
But for now we can celebrate.  Noralea Gipner, Thousand Friends’ only city council endorsement won handily—we provided her single biggest campaign contribution.  We didn’t endorse in the County Supervisor race but are pleased that Diane Burgis was elected (but creating a vacancy on the East Bay Regional Park District board).

We also endorsed Measure R, the Martinez School District funding measure and contributed to its campaign.  It won a strong victory, in a campaign led by, among others, Thousand Friends’ founding members Dylan Radke and Deidre Siguenza. 
By raising funds for these purposes and to influence elections, by preparing endorsement questionnaires and by holding interviews, our issues became a much bigger focus in this year’s races, in conversations around town, in other forums, and in the various media sources.
Our 2016 Board of Directors includes:
Steering Committee:  Seth Adams, Mark Thomson, Kay Cox, Harlan Strickland and Dylan Radke.  Other Directors include: Carol Baier, Heath Bartosh, Mike Benson, Harriett Burt, Sherida Bush, Aaron Chabot, Paul Craig, Gay Gerlack, Hal & Marie Olson, Tim Platt, Deidre Siguenza, Lorna Thomson, and Carol Wiley.
Most importantly:  2017 will be the year a new General Plan is considered and probably adopted. It will set the tone for Martinez’ Future for decades. It’s very important that we help make the General Plan better.  The Alhambra Hills are still threatened and need our help.  We will continue to grow our public education tools in preparation for current issues and future electionsWithout significant funding and public fundraising it will be difficult to elect public minded candidates in 2018.
Thank you for your support.  Please renew or give generously using the form on the next page, or at our webpage:  Please Like us on FACEBOOK.
Dylan Radke, Mark Thomson, Kay Cox, Seth Adams, and Harlan Strickland
Steering Committee, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Thousand Friends of Martinez

In 2015-2016 Thousand Friends of Martinez:
  • The group developed governance documents including
    • Mission Statement
    • Geographic Focus
    • Objectives
    • Bylaws
  • Convened as a FPPC General Purpose Campaign Committee to influence elections
  • Held Monthly Board Meetings and Steering Committee Conference calls
Issues & Priorities
  • Adopted initial priorities including
    • Influencing  the Fall elections
    • Began working on Alhambra Hills Preservation
    • Began working on the Martinez General  Plan
Public Education
  • Established Communication Tools including:
    • Website
    • Facebook Group Page and Page, with regular posts
    • Regular E-Blasts to Martinez region voters
    • Several Media Releases
  • Candidate and Ballot endorsement procedures were created
  • Announced the formation of the group in September 2016
  • Held Interviews and made successful Fall 2016 election endorsements and contributions.
    • Endorsed Noralea Gipner for City Council and donated $2,500 to her campaign
    • Endorsed Measure R – Better Martinez Schools and donated $1,500
  • Regularly reported campaign donations and expenditures to the Fair Political Practices Commission
  • Began preparing for 2018 Elections
  • Established a bank account, Donation and Pledge Forms
  • Raised $20,000
In 2017 Thousand Friends of Martinez:
  • Will continue all these activities
  • Will increase the organization’s size
  • Will focus on the proposed new Martinez General Plan
  • Will get involved in other Martinez land use issues
  • Is working on a significant policy issue about which we’ll tell you more in the next few months
  • Will expand fundraising in preparation for the next election
  • Will continue preparing for 2018 and to support a great number of candidates and ballot issues
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