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Measure F will save the Alhambra Hills from development and leave this land intact. John Muir owned a big part of this land. Let's preserve his heritage and make this a continuing reason why Martinez is such a great place to live.

If the measure doesn't pass, the hills above will be graded, flattened and filled with multi-million dollar mansions.  If it passes, we will all be able to enjoy it from hiking trails or from afar as a protected ridgeline.

If you want more information, check out the Alhambra Hills website, read the East Bay Times endorsement of the measure, or check out the article in the San Francisco Chronicle.


Every Drop Counts

The City of Martinez is in a unique water situation. The Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) provides water to 500,000 Contra Costa County residents including Brentwood, Clayton, Clyde, Concord, Martinez, Pacheco, Pleasant Hill, Port Costa and Walnut Creek who receive water that has been treated by a District water treatment plant. The City of Martinez receives untreated water from the CCWD that we in turn treat and distribute to our residents. (Our upgraded ozone treatment system construction project should be completed this summer.)

Our water is sourced from the Delta that is piped to and stored in Los Vaqueros reservoir, which helps weather through drought conditions when water levels (and water quality) decrease in the Delta. Despite above average rainfall in fall 2021, drought conditions returned in winter 2021/2022 and the reservoir is currently at 61% capacity. 

Drought reduction has been on the horizon for a while. The City Council received an update from the CCWD during the May 18 Council meeting providing an update on their water conservation plan. In 2021, water conservation was voluntary. As of March 28, 2022, per Governor's Executive Order N-7-22, a mandatory 15% water use reduction went into effect. To incentivize reductions in water use, CCWD has increased their rates for raw water.  

During this same Council meeting, City of Martinez staff presented a proposal for a City 15% Drought Management Plan (Plan) consistent with Stage 2 of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan as directed by the Governor's Executive Order. The Plan includes implementation of a temporary drought surcharge pricing adjustment of up to $0.88 per unit (748 gallons) of treated water used along with new rules with respect to water use. New rules require using water received from the City to reasonable and beneficial use, and prohibits: watering outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes runoff, during or within 48 hours after measurable precipitation or between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m; washing vehicles with hoses not equipped with a shutoff valve or washing sidewalks, driveways, and other hard surfaces; and using potable water in non-recirculating fountains, decorative water features or for irrigation ornamental turf on public street medians. 

CCWD recommends that we focus our reductions on outdoor water use. Together, we can all conserve our watersheds. Households who reduce their use by 15% from 2020 usage will see no change in their total bill and households using less than 200 gallons a day would be exempt from the surcharge. The Council supported this proposal and set the date for a public hearing on July 6, 2022 to consider establishing the City 15% Drought Management Plan. 

For more information prior to joining us at the public hearing, please visit or

Brianne Zorn
Martinez City Councilmember
District 3
The Old Jail is hit by the wrecking ball

Our own Harlan Strickland has written an insightful article about the fate of the Old Jail.  You will find this good reading on an interesting facet of Martinez History.  Click here to read,

We want to help you get elected this fall!  A core goal of Thousand Friends is to encourage and support City Council and School Board candidates who support our goals.  
We've provided guidance, workers and funds to candidates who we believe champion open government, environmental and historic protection and enhancement, responsible land use and development, and are conscientious and informed representatives of the public interest.
A strong democracy is based upon strong political activity.  New ideas and approaches to running our government and to attacking the problems we face make for better government.
If you are thinking of running for local office, contact us to discuss your ideas.  We will help, if it makes sense.  E-mail us at

Want some advice from an current office holder?  Brianne will be glad to answer your questions.  E-mail her at
More about Thousand Friends of Martinez
The Mission of Thousand Friends of Martinez is to provide a stable organization which will work with residents to elect informed, conscientious representatives; promote open government; enhance our quality of life by creating a livable city; defend our parks and open spaces, and; conserve natural areas and historic elements in the greater Martinez region.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Endorse, support and fund responsible and environmentally supportive leaders
  • Promote transparent government
  • Promote better land use planning and the development of policies for the public benefit
  • Defend parks, creeks, wetlands, open space and historic elements
  • Support budgeting, ballot measures and funding for these purposes
  • Educate the public about these objectives and strategies


Help Martinez strive for more transparent government, enlightened land use concepts and to defend parks, creeks, wetlands, open space and historic elements
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