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Open Space Preserved
Measure F passes!

The ballot measure to save the Alhambra Hills from development passed with a comfortable margin with 68.8% of the votes in favor. Thanks to all who supported this vision for preserving this land for all of our use.

Much work remains to be done.  The property still needs to be purchased by the City. Plans for trails and access need to be developed.  While there's a lot to do, it's heartening to see that members of the community are pulling together to make this area a very special place.

If you want to stay up to date about the Alhambra Hills Open Space click here to get current updates.  We will also be reporting on what is in store for the land in future editions of our email newsletter.

If you are on my mailing list, you may see my regular invitations to #optoutside to join me on my Martinez walkabouts. As a Martinez resident, I value our easy access to parks, trails, and open space. For the month of July, I will be hosting a walkabout at the George Miller Trail on July 24 at 10 am. The walkabout is open to everyone! 

The George Miller Trail is a former road that was closed to vehicle traffic due to structural failures. After significant repairs, the century-old link between Crockett, Port Costa, and Martinez was re-established when it opened to the public as a cycling and hiking trail in 2014. Originally used as a commuter link between our communities and to transport goods back and forth, it is now a busy recreational trail making up a key segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail. The trail was renamed from Carquinez Scenic Loop road to the George Miller Trail when it reopened to honor the retiring Congressman Miller and his advocacy for public spaces.

I love this trail because it is accessible (check out the wheelchair pullout areas on the steeper slopes), paved, and has a simply wonderful view of the Carquinez Strait. There is always a new view no matter how many times I walk or ride there. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sea lions barking on the buoys. 

I especially love my walkabouts because it gives me the opportunity to spend time with folks in Martinez and to discuss with them what matters the most to them about their City.

If you would like to join me, please email me at to sign up. 

I look forward to talking and walking with you!

Brianne Zorn
District 3
Martinez City Council


Climate Change and your Health

Contra Costa County is working to deal with the changing climate.  There are a lot of impacts that need to be considered.  A few years ago the County created a Sustainability Commission that helps with this process.  We’ve included a link to a presentation that was made to the Commission in late June that looks at some of the health impacts on our lives.

We are already experiencing some of the changing climate in our lives and by all indications, we will see much more in the coming years.  The impacts of rising temperatures, increasing CO2 levels, rising sea levels and more extreme weather are laid out in the presentation.  Take a few minutes to check this presentation out.  One of the key findings is that climate change will disproportionately affect some of our more vulnerable community members.

The County has been working on a Climate Action Plan that focuses on how the County and its residents can mitigate the impacts of climate change as well as what actions can be taken so that the County can do its part to lessen the impacts of climate change.

In the coming months we will highlight the County Climate Action Plan, but in the meantime here’s a couple of links that are of interest:

Human Health Impacts of Climate Change
Contra Costa County Sustainability

Major Ways the General Plan Update Hurts Our Town (Partial List)


·      allows 3, 4, 5, even 6-story buildings.  We need height and density limits.

·      will ruin our historic, safe, small-town nature

·      blocks connection with our hills & waterfront

·      has no plan for more parking despite allowing a huge amount of development 

Waterfrontno new housing development should go north of the railroad tracks

·      authorizes 400-500+ housing units and 1000+ residents on the Waterfront

·      allows 3, 4, 5-story buildings with high-density housing 

·      waterfront open space and park will be severely impacted: noise, light pollution, wildlife impacts, 24 hours a day

·      dangerous to potential residents---train accident and blocked crossings, earthquake & liquefaction, periodic flooding, train noise

·      historic homes and sports courts & huge parking lot will be lost

Park funding may be undermined

·      the GPU makes a major error in calculating our total park acreage

·      this undermines park funding and could even allow developers to get around mandatory park mitigation fees that are critical to funding our parks now

Measure I—Martinez Open Space and Park Protection Initiative for all Martinez lands.

·      The GPU leaves out whole sections of the Initiative—like the protections for the Franklin Hills

·      the maps don’t show protected areas ---so no one knows what land is protected

Housing density increases in almost every Martinez neighborhood—500% in one area.

·      The City refuses to compare this GPU to the current General Plan to show us what has changed, and give us a chance to understand it.  What are they afraid of?

See our website “General Plan Update” page for details.

We want to help you get elected this fall!  A core goal of Thousand Friends is to encourage and support City Council and School Board candidates who support our goals.  
We've provided guidance, workers and funds to candidates who we believe champion open government, environmental and historic protection and enhancement, responsible land use and development, and are conscientious and informed representatives of the public interest.
A strong democracy is based upon strong political activity.  New ideas and approaches to running our government and to attacking the problems we face make for better government.
If you are thinking of running for local office, contact us to discuss your ideas.  We will help, if it makes sense.  E-mail us at

Want some advice from an current office holder?  Brianne will be glad to answer your questions.  E-mail her at
More about Thousand Friends of Martinez
The Mission of Thousand Friends of Martinez is to provide a stable organization which will work with residents to elect informed, conscientious representatives; promote open government; enhance our quality of life by creating a livable city; defend our parks and open spaces, and; conserve natural areas and historic elements in the greater Martinez region.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Endorse, support and fund responsible and environmentally supportive leaders
  • Promote transparent government
  • Promote better land use planning and the development of policies for the public benefit
  • Defend parks, creeks, wetlands, open space and historic elements
  • Support budgeting, ballot measures and funding for these purposes
  • Educate the public about these objectives and strategies


Help Martinez strive for more transparent government, enlightened land use concepts and to defend parks, creeks, wetlands, open space and historic elements
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