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…dabbles of data from Dewart
“The Dewart Lake Protective Association was founded in 1965”

Dewart Lake Officers

President:  Chuck Ranney  658-4663
Vice Pres.:  Dave Smith  658-4594
Secretary:  Mark Psimos 

Treasurer:  Kathy Baumbaugh 765-730-8420
Newsletter:  Janet Roth  260-438-4221
Website:  Alex Barrett  658-4895

Lane Directors

Lanes 1, 2 & 25:  Alex Barrett  658-4895
Lane 3:  Anna Leuer  630-309-4757

Lane 4:  Chuck Ranney  658-4663
Lane 5:  Mark Psimos  658-55633
Lane 6:  Ed Gooding  678-0130
 &  Nick Mueller  696-1025
Lane 7 & 8:  Harold Umbaugh 354-7296 
Lane 9, 10 & 11:  Sue Lenz  708-334-8371
Lane 12:  Carrie Golden 295-9375
Lanes 13:  Andy Brown  658-9746
CR 1000*:  Dave Smith  658-4594
Camp Logan:  Brad Gast 457-2841
Lane 15:  Dennis Pressler  457-8608
Lane 16:  Peggy Arnett  325-0809
Lane 17:  Ora Freeman 527-1861
DeFreese Rd**:  Ora Freeman 527-1861
Lanes 18 A&B:  Jeff Drummond  528-0632
Lanes 18 C&D:  Betty Busch  658-4874
Lanes 19 & 20:  Nancy Warrick  214-7047
Lane 21:  Chuck Ranney  658-4663
Lane 22:  Don McAfee  658-4790
Lane 23:  Ann Robbins  513-237-6644
Lane 24:  Vacant
All (574) Area Code unless otherwise stated.
* Between Lanes 12 & 13 
** Between Lanes 17 & 18

DLPA Silver Members - $50

Alex Barrett; Bruce/Martha Burris; Brian/Amy Carey
Dan/Karen Dykes; Rodney Fletcher; Edwin Gooding
Donald/Sylvia Harder; Gary/Bonnie Hartwell;Steve/Judy Hewitt
John/Kristi Kozon; Anna Leuer; Don/Joan McAfee
David/Jerri Melching; Russell/Nancy Miller; Nicholas Mueller
Mark/Cheryl Psimos; Ron Rhew; Tom/Janet Roth
Bill/Kathy Sharpe; Scott/Shari Vermillion; Nancy Crowl Warrick
Alfred/Anna Zuwala

Gold Members  $100

Bruce/Kathy Bumbaugh; Louie Davis; Carol Whitlock Ellington
Brandy Kozon Hatfield; Mike Irving; Rich/Barb Kempf
Timothy Kline; Jody/Megan Neer; Bruce Reichert
Stan/Susan Rice; Brad Rodman; Steve/Melinda Shafer
William/Cheryl Shively; James/Marion Tarr;
Brian/Stephanie Topping; The Unique Boutique;
John/LuAnn Wojtczak

Platinum Members   $200+

Jae Dale
Martha/Marjorie Knotts & Barbara Kempf
Jeff/Kim LeCount
Joe Messer

DLPA Mute Swan Policy
recommended by the Swan Committee and
published in the Newsletter in November, 2013

1) Dewart Lake mute swan population should be controlled not to exceed its current  range of 20-30 swans; 2) that disruption of mute swan nests and their eggs conducted by professional organizations will be the sole method of control; and 3) the issue of controlling the mute swan population on Dewart  Lake will be reviewed by the DLPA membership after one year from this date.  4) Additionally, the Directors passed a recommendation that the DLPA should apply for an “all method” DNR Nuisance Animal Control Permit in 2014.  This broad permit allows the Directors more options.  With this permit, if the mute swan numbers are above 30, the DLPA Directors could vote in 2014 to reduce the numbers to about 30 using a professional organization.  Excessive mute swan population is a long-term “lake region” problem.  The DLPA is committed to working with other lake associations and government organizations on this issue.


The Committee's recommendations were passed at the 2013 October Director's Meeting.

NOTE:  Please do not feed any animals on the lake, including swans, geese, etc.  This causes problems with our lake environment.


Check out our


P. O. BOX 152, SYRACUSE, IN  46567

Address Correction Requested

2020 Fun in the Sun Flotilla Winners

There were ten entries in this year's flotilla, held on July 5th.  The winning boat was a Netflix/COVID 19 entry by Trent Austin family and friends.

Second place was a pirate entry by Judy Morgan, Nick and Jan Georgeon, Mark and Pam Mummert, Terry and Sally Day and Charlie Burr.

Third place went to Devin Van Lue and Brooke Boles with the Dewart Lake Drying Rack entry.

Other entries included a pontoon boat with two eyes and a mask on the bow and masks hanging around the boat; a family dressed in red, white and blue and an inflatable eagle on the front; a boat filled with women and a flag saying “Saturdays Are For The Girls;” and ice cream shop decorated entry; a pontoon with numerous inflatables titled “Summer Fun!;” The Chaos Galore entry with patriotic streamers and a pirate flag; and a family entry with youngsters waiving American Flags, dancing and a banner wishing Dewart Lake residents a happy Fourth of July.  There was an unofficial entry of three young men in a john boat with one standing in the Capt. Morgan pose.

The judges looked for decorations, enthusiasm and excitement of the participants all around the lake.  Everyone did a great job.  A big thank you to all participants.

Dewart Lake Fireworks Display

A big Thank You goes out to the great bunch of guys of Crowl's Homestead for the wonderful display of fireworks again this year.  There were lots of boats out on the lake as well as people on shore to watch the spectacular event.  Thanks again to the Crowl crew.

In Remembrance

David Maxwell, Lane 17, passed away March 1 of this year.

Phyllis Apple, Lane 18, passed away in July.

Why You Can Walk on Water: The Magic of Water skiing

by Nate Bosch, director of the Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams


If you have ever gone water skiing on Dewart Lake, you know what it feels like to nearly walk on water.  Water skiers glide along behind a boat, gripping the handle with white knuckles and resisting the wind.  While they are moving, water skiers seem to skim across the surface of a lake with ease.  But what is it about water that makes this possible?

Water skiing is tied to Newton's Third Law of Motion, a fundamental principle of physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  For example, when a baseball player hits a ball, an equal and opposite reaction occurs.  The bat swings forward and exerts force on the ball, sending it soaring across the baseball diamond.  But the ball also exerts force on the bat.  This is especially obvious when a bat splinters as the ball hits it!

Similarly, when a water skier leans back and places his ski tips out of the water, he is exerting pressure on the water.  As the boat picks up speed and pulls the skier forward, the water strikes upward as the skis push down.  That is an equal and opposite reaction.  As long as the upward force of the water is equal to the pressure of the skis, the skier will stay afloat.

Now you know!  Next time you are on Dewart, you will understand the science behind water skiing.  Equal and opposite reactions allow water skiers to feel like they are walking on water.

Future skiers are relying on us to keep the lakes clean.  Taking steps to help protect the waterways (like properly disposing of waste and regularly cleaning any equipment used in the lakes) will help ensure that water skiing can be enjoyed for years to come.  Want to know more about what you can do?  Visit:
Our website is a clearinghouse of fascinating lake-related information.


The Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams at Grace College conducts research, provides resources, engages and educates residents, and collaborates with local organizations to make the lakes and streams of Kosciusko County clean, healthy, safe and beautiful.  To date, the Lilly Center has conducted scientific research on over 30 streams and 40 lakes.  The Lilly Center is driven to create a legacy of stewardship by equipping community members, visitors and future generations with understanding and to enjoy the county's natural beauty.  For more information, visit on Twitterr
DLPA on Facebook
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