Staying Healthy as Temperatures Drop

Fall is in full swing, and as temperatures start to drop it’s important to take care of yourself and prepare for another winter. At 9114HNC, we are here to help you and your family as much as we can. We hope that you and your family stay happy and healthy this fall.

It Was Only After a Test Showed High Calcium Levels, She Knew There Was a Thyroid Problem

Even if you are familiar with many of the symptoms of cancer, you can still be surprised by the fact that you have a parathyroid tumor. The thyroid and parathyroid glands are both located in the neck, but the parathyroid glands are tucked behind the thyroid. Their primary job is to regulate the levels of calcium in your blood. While parathyroid cancer is considered to be rare and tumors on this gland are typically benign, the threat is no less serious.
The symptoms of parathyroid and thyroid cancers include lumps in the neck, pain in the neck, vocal changes, hoarseness, trouble swallowing and irregularities like high levels of calcium in bloodwork. These symptoms are very similar to other types of head and neck cancer, so you should visit the doctor as soon as possible once you notice them and if they persist. To learn more about specific signs, like calcium levels in the blood, click the link below.
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Chemo Can Get You Down, But What You Eat Can Help You in Your Recovery

One of the biggest challenges that many cancer patients face during treatment and recovery is getting the right nutrition. Cancer treatment can wreak havoc on your taste buds and lead to a distorted sense of taste. Things that once were delicious to you might now taste repulsive, metallic, salty or bitter.
Research is being done into why these changes happen and how to still get enough nutrition, but there are ways that you can improve your outcomes.
  • Drink plenty of liquids, and don’t be afraid to try to get calories through drinks like protein shakes
  • Brush your teeth and tongue after every meal
  • Try using sugar-free gum, mints and other candies to clear a bad taste in your mouth
  • If you have a metallic taste in your mouth when you eat, try to avoid using metallic silverware
  • Experiment with eating foods at a different temperature, like cold or room temperature instead of hot
For even more tips, check out the link below.
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Congrats to Cookie! 

We would like to congratulate Cookie Kerxton, as her monotype above was purchased by the Library of Congress! Cookie donates all the proceeds from her artwork to the 9114HNC fund. All of her artwork can be viewed at UpstairsArtStudios and TouchstoneGallery

The Conviviality of Sharing a Hospital Room 

"During my first hospitalization and the hundreds of stays that have followed over the last 19 years, I have had the good fortune of meeting and listening to hundreds of patient’s stories. When neither of us could speak and I needed urgent help they would press their emergency call button for me and/ or with a whiteboard write PT HELP and point to me on the other side of the curtain. If they were able to speak, they would shout for assistance. Every time I have been hospitalized, I reciprocate in the same manner and instantly a bond is created between two strangers that is relied upon and treasured. Most recently, during another unexpected visit to the ER and subsequent admission into the hospital, I meet Robbie. Fortunately, I was mobile and only attached to my IV pole with three antibiotic IV bags, monitors and was able to speak." 

To read more of Alyssa's tips for HNC patients sharing a room while in the hospital click the link below! 
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