Good Food and Good Books for HNC Patients

While plenty of people love getting outdoors in the summer, it’s also fun to stay in and enjoy cooking with your family and relaxing with a good book. In this newsletter, we are covering fun recipes and inspirational reads that will help you savor every day of your summer.

From Treatment to Table

Any head and neck cancer patient or family member of someone with HNC understands one of the biggest challenges of treatment and recovery—nutrition. Because head and neck cancer treatment can involve critical parts of the eating process, like the tongue, the throat, and the mouth, it can be uncomfortable to eat. However, that does not lessen the importance of a healthy, balanced diet that promotes recovery.

This free recipe book was designed by patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who understand the challenges that you are facing and can advise on how to maintain a high-protein, high-energy diet that promotes health and well-being. The recipe book contains delicious recipes and treats for every meal, including things like:
  • Mango smoothie
  • Baked spinach, parmesan, and egg white souffle
  • Creamy sweet potato and lentil soup
  • Slow-cooked beef stew
  • Chocolate lava mug cake
  • And much more!
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Peace in the Face of Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is many people’s worst nightmare and it can be overwhelming to be confronted with it. However, many people have been in your shoes before and found peace and courage in the face of cancer. This book is an inspirational guide written by a cancer patient advocate about how to enjoy the most fulfilling life possible after your diagnosis, during your treatment, and while you recover. A cancer diagnosis is not the end. Instead, it can be the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and strength.
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Understanding Cancer Through the Eyes of a Child

Head and neck cancer rates are rising in people under the age of 50, and many adults are finding themselves in a position of needing to tell their young children or grandchildren about their diagnosis. With any uncertain diagnosis, it can be stressful to give the news. This informative article has stories from the children and grandchildren of HNC patients about how they felt, how their parents told them, and what helped ease the stress and uncertainty. It also contains tips on how to talk with children and teenagers about cancer.
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