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Now that the spookiest time of the year is over, it’s time to think about gratitude. It can be tough to think about giving thanks when you’re coping with a hard diagnosis or in the middle of treatment, but that sometimes means it’s even more important to take time for gratitude. We wish you and all of your loved ones a happy and healthy Thanksgiving season. 

How to Tell Your Children You Have Cancer

As parents, we can go to great lengths to avoid conversations with our children that we know might be challenging for them (or us). No parent ever wants to intentionally hurt their child’s feelings or make them upset. However, sharing your cancer diagnosis with your child is important. This article is filled with impactful tips to help you decide how and when to tell your child. Some of these tips include:
  • Wait until you have details about your diagnosis, including the type of cancer, the treatment plan, and the prognosis
  • Do not assume that your child understands what cancer is, how it impacts the body, and how the treatment process works
  • Adjust the conversation to the age of your child, as medical terms can be confusing
  • Be prepared to answer some of the most common questions that kids and teens will ask, including whether or not it’s contagious
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Why Get a Second Opinion? 

Any major diagnosis can be a shock to the system. While medical professionals receive years of training and are critical to the healing process, sometimes getting a second opinion is a good idea. This blog reviews some of the reasons why getting a second opinion can be valuable, even if you trust your doctor and believe that they have a strong care plan for your needs. 
In fact, most reputable doctors will encourage patients to get a second opinion before proceeding with treatment.
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How Does Treatment Affect the Sexuality of Head and Neck Cancer Patients? 

Cancer treatment can change every aspect of your life and relationships, and researchers are looking at the many ways that it can shape your sexuality. 37% of participants in one study reported decreased sexual interest. This study and others are exploring the many factors that can make this the case, including weight loss, social functioning, and more.
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Are You Blowing Out Birthday Candles Soon?

Head and Neck Cancer advocate and survivor Marlene Luber is blowing out candles for 9114HNC for her birthday in January. We want to thank Marlene and encourage others to join her by adding a link to 9114HNC to your Facebook profile on your birthday to encourage donations. We appreciate your support!

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