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Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to connect with family and friends and enjoy the gorgeous weather outside. Warmer temperatures also mean that many current and former HNC patients are looking to get back out there socially. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be easier said than done. This newsletter is packed with tips to get the most out of your summer.

Beating the Social, Emotional Side Effects of HPV-Related Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

The rates of HPV-related head and neck cancer in adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are increasing. Despite the wide availability of the HPV vaccine today, many were unable to get it before contracting HPV, rendering it useless. Those who have head and neck cancer experience a broad range of emotional and physical side effects that make it hard to return to “normal life” immediately.
Head and neck cancer can be a socially-awkward form of cancer, as it can radically change your appearance, your voice, and how comfortable basic tasks like eating are. This detailed and informative article reviews some of the different treatments that are available to help minimize the social effects of a cancer diagnosis.
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Patient-Friendly Recipes

Radiotherapy leads to many unique challenges, but one of the biggest for head and neck cancer patients is getting proper nutrition despite challenges in eating. This website is filled with recipes that are designed with HNC patients in mind. They are packed with flavor and nutrition, and also leave out some of the common ingredients that can burn your mouth or make you uncomfortable while you eat. From classic creamy vegetable soup to other delicious delights, these recipes are perfect for summer cooking.
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Why Get a Second Opinion?

All types of cancer require proper diagnosis and treatment, but there are many reasons why that doesn’t always occur. This piece covers some of the many reasons why it can be worth getting a second opinion before starting the treatment process.
Especially with head and neck cancers that are aggressive, there is tremendous pressure to start treatment right away. However, as a patient, you have the freedom to choose what doctor you would like to work with for your treatment. Getting a second opinion is worthwhile, and you’ll find there’s a good chance that your doctor will recommend doing the same.
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Thank You to All Who Attended The Courage Unmasked III Gala! 

To all in attendance, we appreciate you making the effort to come to our third Courage Unmasked Gala. We had an amazing turnout! Your attendance and support played an important role in our event's success! If you could not attend but wish to contribute to 9114HNC, you still can! Click here to donate. 

As a complementary bonus, for a $40 donation you will receive an exclusive 18″ x 24″ poster celebrating the first two Courage Unmasked Gala events, for a $50 donation you will receive the Courage Unmasked catalogue which includes the history of 9114HNC and the work of all 59 artists, and for a donation of $80 or more you will receive both the poster and catalogue.

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