Fall Inspiration for HNC Patients and Family Members

While the start of the year might feel like the perfect time for a new beginning, fall often feels the same way thanks to kids heading back to school and the shift to crisp and cool temperatures. Whether you’re a patient looking for support or a friend or family member searching for ways to support your loved one with HNC, here are some great tips and tools to get your fall off to a great start.

Recipes and Tips for Eating Well

A head and neck cancer diagnosis does not just change your schedule or your medications, it also radically changes your diet. Your body needs fuel to heal and make it through intensive treatments, so a high-energy and high-protein diet is best. However, changes to your tongue or mouth might make it more challenging to chew or swallow. Thick phlegm or a dry mouth can also cause major issues.

This informative guide reviews a variety of different recipes and drink options that will allow you to get the nutrition that you need without compromising on a delicious taste. Some of the options include things like mini high-fiber shepherd’s pies and instant mac and cheese in the microwave. There are also sweet options like the warm vanilla honey breakfast bowl and the peaches and cream smoothie.
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No Cure for Being Human (And Other Truths I Need to Hear)

This New York Times Bestseller is a phenomenal read exploring the journey that Kate Bowler embarked upon when she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 35. The book is heartwarming and inspiring, as Kate explores a world obsessed with easy and quick ways to out-eat, out-learn, or out-train our humanity. In the end, Kate realizes the same thing that many of us do throughout treatment—life is beautiful and filled with the highest of highs and lowest of lows.
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Helping Children Understand Cancer: Talking to Your Kids About Your Diagnosis

It is never easy to share your cancer diagnosis, and it’s often even harder when you are sharing it with close family and your children. Even if you go above and beyond to maintain as much normalcy as possible, your diagnosis will impact your family members. This article is filled with advice and tips from parents who have been in your shoes on how to share your diagnosis and keep your kids updated on your treatment process.
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