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So...I hear it was a bit warm at your challenge :) Of course, the hottest days of the year arrive this week. It sounds like you made the day both an epic AND safe event for the girls and their families.

Thank you for delivering  Mini Mermaid Running Club UK and your continued support. You’ve helped girls learn how to celebrate who they are and feel brave trying new things, even things that are hard. This resilience will extend beyond just physical activity and positively impact so many parts of each girl’s life. As much as we celebrate every girl that completes the programme, we celebrate every coach who took the time to bring this programme to life. 

Once you've managed to send everyone off for the summer safely, I'd love to catch up with you when you have a chance. I'm heading out for a couple of weeks holiday, but maybe sometime in August? We have a coach's feedback form that I'd appreciate you filling out, but I also really value your thoughts, having worked with us for so long. Click here for the form --> COACH'S FEEDBACK 

Also, if you have the participant programme questionnaires, could you send them to the following address? 

Mini Mermaid Running Club
16 Sutherland Avenue
Leeds LS8 1BZ

We hope you’ll consider leading additional Mini Mermaid programmes within your school in the future. But for now, I hope you have time to look after yourself (and your leg and back), particularly after a year that’s hopefully like no other. Congratulations on your first year at Cherry Tree! 

High Fins,


Khara Mills-Haunch
Operations and Development
Mini Mermaid Running Club UK
+44 7808 160909
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