A Couple of Singers + A Strong Voice




The two Dermott's that pop up in my head are not really synonymous to music (okay Dermott Mulroney plays the cello...and as for Dylan McDermott...I have yet to find out his links to music).



I initially wanted to do a post about notable performances with Stephen Colbert, because of this one by Dermot Kennedy. Well I pivoted after I read this comment from Grace Pierstorff:


“Dermot is an amazing live performer! Would've preferred it without the backup singers, felt they pulled away from his raw, gritty voice.”


Now when I read initial thought was: Okay...lets find performances with just him and a guitar. It was a good thread to follow as it lead me to his Tiny Desk Performance (and I have yet to find guests who's sound wasn't 'enhanced' by hanging out with those bookcases). Suffice to say, I wasn't disappointed...except for wishing that there were more of the hats and the o-zone-like crash in the mix!


Even the performance blurb didn't disappoint:


“Every arrangement was painstakingly plotted ahead of time, so that every note would be perfect.”



I think the moment when the performance goes electric for me is around the 7:55 mark when Jonny Coote just builds and builds while Dermot croons. Then it was the transition towards the final track that I realised that he is a lefty!


Another discovery is drummer Micheál Quinn (sans his man-bun). Though he had a smaller kit during the Tiny Desk performance, I found a video of him going through his kit (and it is an O-Zone!). There's also of course his drum cam videos from his channel (bummer that the audio isn't from the board --- does give an idea what he would sound if we were standing next to him).




How about you? Have you pivoted while getting lost in your own music discovery rabbit hole after reading an intriguing comment? 



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(Continuing with the gif from this entry. It's my favourite siblings from Season 1 of Rectify)

Feeling the feels with you,

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PPS: I've decided to do away looking for gif fillers
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for each entry header (bye bye my bench photo!). The
photo for this entry
is courtesy of Kate Russell. I've selected
that specific photo as Dermot Kennedy's tracks seem to 
evoke an image of someone who's wanting clarity for the 
next chapter of his life. 

PPPS: Because I have been asked if there is a playlist that has all
the discoveries from the project...I have obliged. If you spot a track that
doesn't have a corresponding may have yet to be scheduled.
I know! I should put together a YouTube Playlist too as a number of
live performances are quite different from the studio version.

PPPPS: If you prefer taking me with you, I have started a podcast 
where I talk about the tracks in previous entries
. For the script, you can 
find it here

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