Gracie + Clyde

About a month ago I came across Forces of Nature on the TV schedule. I haven't seen it yet and somehow....I thought: 'okay...lets give this a go'. Then while the opening credits were flashing...

....I saw a familiar name: Marc Lawrence. My brain suddenly gave 10% more attention to what I was watching (and likely the reason I watched longer than I would have) because 'The Rewrite' was a thumbs up for me.

Since I only left a handful of links rather than a draft for me to return to (I know!!!), I have no idea how I ended up here. I think that was helpful in a sense I wanted to find a copy of the screenplay of 'Forces of Nature' screenplay (I'm pretty sure I walked away from watching the film by then ---- and probably was fueled by the question: 'What happened!?')...which I didn't find then...and still haven't found. :(

Which leads me of how I ended up with the subject of this entry: Clyde Lawrence. While searching unsuccessfully for the script...I came across this podcast episode. I noticed in the notes, there was a link to Clyde's site. After checking it was clean, I visited it...and was confused when I got forwarded to another address.

So I was sitting there staring at the site image (I didn't know the person next to Clyde was Gracie)....and of course being a security conscious internet citizen...I did not click ( does show that it forwards you to a Spotify I instead checked out Instagram and Twitter....and...and their YouTube page. Which....led me to their Audiotree performance. :)


Don't get me wrong! I do hope to still find out more of Clyde's compositional stuff. Meanwhile --- I'm also looking at his older recordings (the audio is surprisingly good!) and it seems like initially there was a separation of Clyde and the siblings (as 'Lawrence').


(Continuing with the gif from this entry. It's my favourite siblings from Season 1 of Rectify)

Feeling the feels with you,

PS: Look for the online link to this message
to see the gif! If it doesn't
show up, you can grab the link from the archive.

PPS: Some additional options to help you find
the next track you get excited about! :)

PPPS: I've decided to do away looking for gif fillers
within the entry and just focus on finding photos
for each entry header (bye bye my bench photo!). The
photo for this entry
is courtesy of Vincent Buuron. I thought
that image would reflect well of the laid back feel of Lawrence's

PPPPS: Goodness! Did you get the revelation too?
The name of Marc's Gracie. :) (I haven't found
yet confirmation...except from the IMDB trivia section that he named
the character after his daughter. Digging deeper...I do wonder if it was also
partly built from him worrying about how his daughter would fare in life.)

PPPPPS: Because I have been asked if there is a playlist that has all
the discoveries from the project...I have obliged. If you spot a track that
doesn't have a corresponding may have yet to be scheduled.

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