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How cool is it if the person who helps you get through a tough time ends up introducing you to your calling? That seems to have been the case with Yehudi Menuhin when Daniel Hope's mother came to work for him.

I had known Daniel from a documentary he presented about violins (which is oddly not on IMDB). Then when I caught an episode of 'Off The Record' later that year my mind decided that I will watch as much as I could.

I was going to write that it was rare for me to come across a classical that pulled me in, then I was reminded of Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' (just the first movement!), Bach pieces arranged for Classical Guitar, and artist that fall under the Nu/Contemporary banner (like composers Ludovico Einaudi and Ólafur Arnalds).

Then they showed a clip of Daniel recording a piece (track 12) from Béla Bartók with Rutén Kolomejka. I did not know it was Rutén as they didn't flash his name (unless I missed it!?) until I saw the track list.

(I did manage to find out additional details of the piece though. Apparently it's from Duo No. 35 and is titled: 'Ruthenian Kolomejka')

Of course now I can't get enough of the

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(Continuing with the gif from this entry. It's my favourite siblings from Season 1 of Rectify)

Feeling the feels with you,

PS: Look for the online link to this message
to see the gif! If it doesn't
show up, you can grab the link from the archive.

PPS: Some additional options to help you find
the next track you get excited about! :)

PPPS: I've decided to do away looking for gif fillers
within the entry and just focus on finding photos
for each entry header (bye bye my bench photo!). The
photo for this entry
is courtesy of Tiffany Fetters. I thought
that image would reflect the kind of scene that track 12 would be a good match to be the score.

PPPPS: Because I have been asked if there is a playlist that has all
the discoveries from the project...I have obliged. If you spot a track that
doesn't have a corresponding may have yet to be scheduled.
I know! I should put together a YouTube Playlist too as a number of
live performances are quite different from the studio version.

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