F/G + C

While in the process of checking volume levels of the tracks for the last year's album release (I’m using select tracks from Jack Johnson’s Bushfire Fairytales and Pete Murray’s Feeler), I somehow clung to Pete Murray’s ‘Please’.

You know what they say…the more you are around something…it tends to embed itself. So I’m noticing I’m singing along to ‘Please’…but then was reminded that I only know ‘Please say something….’ and have no idea what came next…so I looked up the lyrics and breathed a sigh of relief!

Please say something I want you to and
To this morning I have to go and
All is nothing without you

Then I ended up thinking about the chords…and found out that it only has two!
(Guitarists a bit of help here! F/G & G/C which is something like 220010 / 022010)

I knew Pete was a skilled singer…but finding this out (two chords…only but it doesn’t sound like it!)…makes me admire him more as a composer.

Then…of course the rabbit hole. :) Looking up covers…then I noticed Pete’s YouTube VEVO channel…I look it up and was surprised that it had only about 10,000 subscribers. Looking through the videos. I noticed there have been uploads for his new release.

Based on the titles --- I just went for the one that that jumped out.

One more thread to follow: What other songs have two chords?

A quick search in my trusty video platform of choice:

Other takes:



(Continuing with the gif from this entry. It's my favourite siblings from Season 1 of Rectify)

Feeling the feels with you,

PS: Look for the online link to this message
to see the gif! If it doesn't
show up, you can grab the link from the archive.

PPS: Some additional options to help you find
the next track you get excited about! :)

PPPS: I've decided to do away looking for gif fillers
within the entry and just focus on finding photos
for each entry header (bye bye my bench photo!). The
photo for this entry
is courtesy of Håkan Magnusson. I thought
that image would reflect well based on how I felt after
listening to Richard's track.

PPPPS: Because I have been asked if there is a playlist that has all
the discoveries from the project...I have obliged. If you spot a track that
doesn't have a corresponding may have yet to be scheduled.

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