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As I visited the site of Plug DJ ---- I just….got turned off. My mind instantly thought: This is going to be filled with teens…
Dance to the music? A lot of the music I like isn’t ‘dance-able’ --- and wasn’t really written for dancing.

(I couldn't imagine myself doing this while listening to Pat Metheny. Then I remembered that there are tracks that I listen to that would make me...maybe more of a head bob...than that. Gif source: click here)

Then I was reminded that it was called ‘music discovery’ for a reason. It would not be good for me to assume without spending at least some time in it.
Then when I finally signed up. Indeed my ‘home page’ looked like something a teen would have. Then I gave it another look. Ah! It was just my avatar…and….the first result which is an Anime.

One button caught my eye (subscribe), that definitely made me curious about the kind of pricing structure Plug DJ has. Then….I got this:


Ah! That may be the stroke of genius of Plug DJ! It is a fact that the more time you spend on something (or someone!) you feel invested in that object. So…once I get to level 3 (and no idea how to do that!) I’m probably more likely to click subscribe.

Would it be better than Deezer’s approach? (They have been more aggressive lately with their ads, I’ve noticed 3 banners now instead of one, and the audio ads are so loud that I had to rush to mute them everytime) It could!
So…now…to play some music. It seems like my dashboard is not a place to search for or play music tracks. And Instead is a community of ‘listening groups’. I go through my settings and choose my avatar.

Hmmm….odd. No customisation of my avatar…except to select a base one. And I noticed that I start with 1,000 points. Then while at the shop…I notice there are paid options…some could be unlocked once I become a subscriber. Then others when once I've reached specific points.
Okay…back to the dashboard to find music. In the search bar…I finally understood. When it asks you to enter a track or an artist, whatever you enter is matched to a community. And I wonder: 'Maybe I should make a Gen X listening room….or Personal Development?'. I eventually give up after searching ‘Counting Crows’ then ‘Wayne Krantz’ --- and enter a community called ‘Reddit Guild’.
Something is playing but I can’t hear anything. The volume tab says Zero. I read through more system instructions, and after 5 of them I see the playlist. Still can’t hear anything. I close the playlist and another understanding of the platform once I see the Avatars in the community. One’s a DJ and two (me and some other person) are the listeners.

So…is it a ‘request kind of deal’? Kind of like the Secret DJ app?
I click on the DJ and it indicates that he’s level 16 ---- What!? That wasn’t even on the list thing! (I only saw up until level 6). Sneaky! Right after I click, another window interrupts me. I’ve reached level 2. And unlocked 450 bonus points.

Apparently I have a notification. I click on it. Nothing happens. I then am taken to my settings…and that little notification still is there. I click on it…nothing too.

I consider myself a pretty patient person…though the UI of the platform doesn’t really help me. Until now…I still haven’t managed to play anything. I still had Deezer running in the background and am tempted to put some music to help ease (distract?) the frustration.
And looks like I’m on Level 3 now. This is hilarious! I’m just going to take this as a new experience…and let my brain grow new neurons.

Having reached level 3 --- Looks like I can create my own community! Aha! Music ! Finally! Now, just to test, I go for ‘Fortnightly Music Stories’. Thinking about it more, maybe: ‘Pondering Songs’ would have been better?
Uh oh…now I’m getting more notifications. There seems to be no way to turn them off.
Okay…finally I find a way to create a playlist. Apparently I can’t play anything (as a DJ) until I create one. Hmmmm…the import button. Might not apply to me…though I’ll give it a go.

Ah. That is nifty. It imports the user’s playlist. So…if you have your YouTube playlist…I can import yours! Now that promotes sharing!
Now I get the videos now. When I imported my playlist….there were tracks that were live performances. So you can watch the video. And…the volume…I finally noticed that there was a slider and it is generally set to zero (much appreciated by my sensitive ears!).
Trying another community to see how they fare in chat. Nope…nothing. Oh well. The challenge with Plug DJ is there is no obvious way to get out from a community…aside from closing a window and opening a new one.
I eventually found a way to do it: by clicking the icon…and the main menu appears.
Before I forget…I’m level 3 now…so I can subscribe! $2.99 per month. Hmmm….it makes sense…to be able to get that extra features.
An extra discovery! Sometimes there are rooms with no DJ! So I tried one. Got three thumbs ups out of the 4 people there (the 4th one seemed to be inactive --- I didn’t get a thumbs down).
After visiting a couple of communities and DJ-ing ---- I’ve rediscovered this track by Vertical Horizon (Everything You Want) done acoustically while putting together a 80s/90s playlist.

(Continuing with the gif from this entry. It's from Season 1 of Rectify)

Feeling the feels with you,

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