Three Clicks

That's the number required to add a new song to a playlist in Spotify. One extra click compared to Deezer.

Well...just one piece of bad news compared to the joy of rediscovering Spotify. I am happy to report that audio ads on this platform don't come with the default (100% volume), and pays respect to whatever volume level I set.

With Spotify I have unlimited skips, and the ads (about three audio ads at a time) pop up after a certain number of skips (I'm guessing ten, though I have to make sure this happens consistently). Another thing I like is the Spotify's algorithm taking note of the tracks I interact with (skips/plays), because when I returned to check my home screen earlier I noticed that 3 mixes were dropped and replaced by new ones.

(No idea where this clip the gif was taken is from! Maybe from Nerdist? If you do, let me know will you?)

One of those mixes was 'Top Shelf Electronic'. I'm not surprised, though I do ask myself whenever I get reminded by that realisation: 'Really!? I like Electronic Music? That doesn't sound like me at all!' --- though it is proof that actions (the kind of tracks I add to my playlists) speak louder than words! :)

The first track from this playlist that caught my ear ended up in my 'Conversation Background' playlist then the second one in my 'Song Insights/Experiments' playlist. While watching the 'See Right Through Me' video somehow something felt familiar...then...I knew why. They are fellow Sydneysiders.

(Secretly hoping this is not from a MA level scene! Need your help with the source)

Looks like its a 'dancing theme' for this fortnight as well! :D


(This was a gif carried over from a previous newsletter, and somehow, it just fitted my closing salutation. It's from a scene of Rectify ---- maybe season 1?)

Feeling the feels with you,

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