Metheny + Mayer


(I just realised that John and Jojo have the same last name. Hmmm. Something to research for the future maybe?)

The first few minutes I was watching Eric Truffaz at Woodstock...

...I realised that he combined the two things I enjoyed:
•    The trumpet in Pat Metheny’s Proof (Track #2)
•    Jojo Mayer’s collaboration with Nerve

(Another link to trumpet driven music --- the opening credits to Homeland. The Sesame Street parody also kept the trumpet part! This gif is a part of the opening credits of Season 1.)

Thing is…I do accept that Proof no longer grabbed my heart the way that first track (While trying to find the track on Deezer --- I skipped forward and landed right on it…but after looking it up…discovered that it was called ‘Kudu’…from the Album ‘Doni Doni’ --- instead of what another viewer commented) was able to.

(Now how did I find Eric!?)

A couple of months ago, I discovered the nice detailed schedule of Foxtel…what I liked about it was it noted the Season number and Episode. Kind of helpful when keeping track of what I’ve watched (or not watched yet).

Tempted as I am to subscribe…I knew that if I did…it’ll just suck me in…and I won’t get anything done…and end up feeling that I watched too much. Thankfully, even with an armful of episodes (Like when I went through the episodes and commentary of Season 1 of Better Call Saul), I am able to relatively pace myself.

Somehow I was scrolling through and the art’s channel caught my eye...

…looking at what’s on…” Eric Truffaz at Jazz sous les pommiers” one jumped out (apparently it was the premier airing). I was a bit weary about wasting my time looking up another Jazz musician --- as my tastes are really…um…in the minority (If you play me 200 albums I might only like 2)…so it’s likely that a channel like Foxtel would cater to someone like me. I was wrong, and Eric is the sort of gem I was hoping to discover while going through tracks on Deezer.


(This was a gif carried over from a previous newsletter, and somehow, it just fitted my closing salutation. It's from a scene of Rectify ---- maybe season 1?)

Feeling the feels with you,

PS: Look for the online link to this message
to see the two gifs in all their glory!

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