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Bill Clinton likes Kenneth Gorelick (Kenny G). Yep, right from this Vox video essay.


As embarrassing for me to admit, I did go through a phase of listening to good 'ole Kenneth. Though I didn't own any of his albums, I did borrow a VHS copy of one of his concerts (not sure which one now --- but it has him explaining circular breathing) during one trip to the video store.


Would I have ended up where I am as a Jazz listener if I hadn't spent all those months sitting in my grandparent's den tuned into a smooth jazz station? I doubt it. I hadn't been blessed with jazz head relatives so it probably took me meeting other musicians to eventually discover pianists like Keith Jarrett and guitarists like Pat Metheny.


It's interesting to notice that though I do not listen to Kenny G at the moment, I am listening to smooth things. Particularly music with an infusion of 'chill'.


Looking through 'chill themed' playlists (from lo-fi to 'chilled R&B') on Spotify, I'd define it as the following: music that would likely help me center my focus. Kind of like something that I'd appreciate the front desk pipe in right before I'm about to go into a sensory deprivation chamber.


So while I like my Jazz with a bit of an edge (approaching Avant-garde yet not quite crossing over), it seemed like I had inherent leanings towards 'chill'.


Now onto the tracks! After going through available playlists, here are the standouts:


A special mention goes to Maggie Rogers' Alaska, which I found while looking through the tracks of her album 'Now That the Light Is Fading'. As I was cycling through the playlists to find more standout tracks, I decided to attempt to find the featured photo for this entry and found this photo from Kirk Stauffer. I initially was just going to use it without listening to any of Maggie's work, but then decided it wouldn't be a good representation if Maggie didn't have at least one track that has a chill-ish vibe.






How about you? What 'chill' tracks made it to your playlist? 



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(Continuing with the gif from this entry. It's my favourite siblings from Season 1 of Rectify)

Feeling the feels with you,

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PPS: I've decided to do away looking for gif fillers
within the entry and just focus on finding photos
for each entry header (bye bye my bench photo!). The
photo for this entry
is courtesy of Kirk Stauffer. 

PPPS: Because I have been asked if there is a playlist that has all
the discoveries from the project...I have obliged. If you spot a track that
doesn't have a corresponding may have yet to be scheduled.
I know! I should put together a YouTube Playlist too as a number of
live performances are quite different from the studio version.

PPPPS: If you prefer taking me with you, I have started a podcast 
where I talk about the tracks in previous entries
. For the script, you can 
find it here

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