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Boy, I wasn't kidding when I deemed this newsletter 'irregular.' The last one went out eleven months ago. So one would hope that I have enough things to talk about. We will soon find out. So what have I been up to? I've been busy with freelance stuff. Got a heckofa cute pup. Been recording with the band. Been experimenting with going out and meeting people in the world. Bleagh. Let's get started.
In regards to my recent mention of 'freelance stuff,' I've moved my portfolio off Squarespace and into a pretty decent Wordpress template. Uploaded a bunch of new work and unearthed some pretty aight older work. Site's lookin' pretty good:
The fanciest, worthy-of-name-dropping project I've worked on in recent months is the new logo for James Gunn's production company Troll Court Entertainment. It can be seen at the beginning of Brightburn, in theaters now.  
Due to a fun error on the part of my printer, I have an abundance of copies of Broken Lines and I'm selling them directly on my site for $6.66 (+ S&H, US only)! That's some kinda deal! | Goodreads
Time travel, except vertically.
Is Jeff Cox a god, a terrorist, or an internet joke? Where are his shoes? [At time of record retrieval, this story description is 87% accurate.]
I'm very pleased to release Mind The Gap, a limited edition chapbook. Follow Jeff Cox as he flails through time. This 92-page sci fi short story is available on for $5 or free with purchase of one of my other books. A 10-page preview can be DLed here:

cotisuelto - One who wears the shirt tail outside of his trousers (Caribbean Spanish)
feak - Dangling curl of hair
pålegg - Anything you might consider putting into a sandwich (Norwegian)
shat - a pine needle (regional, chiefly Delaware, Maryland, Virginia)

1. My story GIGANTIC was published in the March issue of Juked. RIYL: Small New England towns; fat dogs. Quick read.

2. I have been extremely neglectful of the science fiction novel I've been working on. The Curving Corridor needs some attention. I suppose I will have to be the one to give it. Great.

3. For a few weeks I was suddenly drawing comics again, a mini-project I called Bay State. I like it, and I have a larger plot in mind, but I dunno if or when I will take it further. If you'd like to read a few little vignettes, here you go.
triviaFactual Facts & Trivial Trivia
• US CD sales in 1983: only 800,000 copies. CD sales didn't exceed vinyl sales until 1992.
• Mr. T’s last name is Tureaud.
• Women were forbidden to wear pants on the Senate floor until 1993.
• 259 people have died since 2011 while taking selfies, mostly men (about 72%) under the age of 30.


A non-update on MQ. Me 'n' Matt Smith have been otherwise preoccupied with our jahbs and haven't had much time to devote to this excellent and righteous project. Anyhoo, check out this great sketch of Rhawn & Tracy by Derek Laufman. Cool, huh? We will have some sort of forward movement in the coming months.

See also: Matt on Twitter / MQ site 
Movie Notes: SPACE TRUCKERS (1996)
If you have a latent desire to watch Tywin Lannister — patriarch of the House Lannister of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West, and the Lord Paramount of Westerlands — as he attempts to start his robotic dong with a lawnmower-style rope pull, then I’ve got some great news for you.
The Dema-who? You are right to utter that phrase which I am sure you just uttered, as I haven't talked about my band too much in recent times. Well, big little things have been afoot, faithful listener. Sturg and I have invited a bass player into our guitar/drum duo. Marc Seedorf has been killing it. We've played a couple shows as a trio and recorded fifteen tracks with Grant Wicks at Uncanny Audio. Currently in the mixing stage. Wanna see a super-secret preview of some single artwork? Take a gander. These are some good-ass sounding songs, I'll tell you what. We're pretty good. Lots of updates coming in the next couple of months — follow along: | on IG | on FB 


"When the ax came into the Forest, the trees said "The handle is one of us."
— Turkish proverb


“The social role demanded of all in the new Culture of Personality was that of a performer. Every American was to become a performing self.”
— Warren Susman

“Put the taffy down, Tubby Tammy.”
— Bill Hader mic check


MILK CRATE SPOTLIGHT: Brimfield Antique Show, 2016
Broken Lines
Goofy but lovable like an old dog. $6.66
Heavy Metal Parking Lot
One More Cup Of Coffee
Funny bits of writing? $10
Everything You Didn't Ask For
Everything You Didn't Ask For
Comic strips, mostly.

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