May 2019

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Pastor Nikki's Notions


Dear Friends,  

Springtime has certainly taken its time getting to us this year! And of this, of course, that though the snow is still melting, and though the trees have not shown any signs of budding as of yet, summer will be upon us before we know it. Graduation parties will be underway in a just a few short weeks, and kids will be out of school by the beginning of next month. Summer truly is almost here! Our summers here in Wisconsin are magical and precious. And so many of us find that we are very careful not to waste our summers. I suppose that for many of us, an unwasted summer looks like taking advantage of the warmer weather, getting outside whenever possible. I have thought about different ways that we might take advantage of the lull in the constant stream of activities, taking some time to relax and enjoy just being in this church community. 

And I have thought about how full many people's summers are. There will be road trips and visiting grandchildren. There will be weekend getaways, family vacations, sports tournaments, summer camps, visits to the pool or the zoo, fireworks and street festivals, live music, catching fireflies, exploring the forest and so much more. It seems that there is something exciting happening just about every day during summer in Wisconsin. And as I consider all of the wonderful things to do and all of the amazing places there are to go and see, I ask myself "Is a full summer an unwasted summer?" Not necessarily. It has occurred to me that in the midst of so many fun things and so many pressures on our time, it can be easy to neglect our spiritual lives. Many people end up taking a “time out” from their church family during the summer, thinking they’ll just reconnect when autumn rolls around, and the kids or grandkids go back to school and things seem a little more settled. Unfortunately, those who do reconnect have thrown away three months of digging deeper into their life of faith with their faith community, and a lot of folks just don’t reconnect when life calms down because, let's face it, life never really calms down. In all of our busyness and travel and activities, we tend to give Jesus the leftovers of our summer. 

Landon Coleman posted a blog article on the Servants of Grace website about this very topic, suggesting that there are a few ways in which church folk can be intentional about staying connected with their church family and with God during the hectic summer months. He suggests for activites ...

First, make church attendance a priority. If you’re in town, don’t let a busy schedule keep you from going to church. And if you’re travelling, take the opportunity to gather with other believers for worship and the Word. 

Second, Coleman writes, "be regular in the means of grace." He describes the means of grace as anything that can help you to hear from God, whether this is prayer or journaling, reading the Bible or having a great conversation about spiritual matters, singing or dancing or creating something with your hands. Coleman insists that even when traveling, it is important to carve out time for spiritual practice. 

Third, find ways to connect God to all the things you do. God is there, wherever you go! Do not miss out on finding God's presence in the mountains, out on a lake, in a family member's home, or wherever else you may wind up! 

Fourth, give even when you don’t attend. Coleman writes, "Any pastor will tell you that summer months are lean months for church attendance and church budgets. I understand lean attendance numbers, but church budgets should not suffer just because people leave town... Support gospel ministry at your church even when you’re not there by giving consistently."       

These activities will keep you connected to God and keep your church connected with you all throughout the busy summer months, and through making time to do these things, we can all be sure not to waste our summers! 

Yours in Christ, 

Pastor Nikki 


Pastor Nikki will be out of the office
Pastor Nikki will be out of the office from April 27-May 2 and then again May 13-May 19. Please make a note of this. 

Sunday School
May 5th Regular Sunday School-communion
May 12th Mother’s Day project
May 19th Paint rocks for the garden outside the Sunday School wing
May 26th Work outside in the garden weather permitting

Teen Discussion Group
Sunday May 5th is our last teen get together before our summer break. To wrap up, we will be going to Escape MKE in Wauwatosa and out to lunch! We will be leaving Delafield Presbyterian Church at 11:00am and returning at 3:00pm. I will have a van and will be providing the transportation to and from. Mark your calendars:). 


The Delafield Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Spring Art Walk on Friday, May 31 from 5-9pm .  To showcase our church we will have a tent. Volunteers are needed to help set up, work the booth and take down. There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board. For more information, please contact Holly Faith ( or Pam Angst (
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First Quarter Financial Summary

                            Actual to Date       Budget to Date      Difference

Receipts                    $35,000                 $37,700               -$2,100

Disbursements          $41,000                 $44,000               -$3,000

Operating Fund         $63,900

Rainy Day Fund        $56,500

Building Fund           $47,800

Communion Served
Communion will be served this month on Sunday, May 5th.
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For Local  Food  Pantries
LIVE MUSIC - Featuring
Mike Aspan & Mike & Kathy Gallenberger
(rain or shine)
11:00 am – 3:30 pm
The deacons are sponsoring the second annual UNDIE SUNDAY FUN-raiser, by asking you to provide unopened packages of underwear for those in need in Waukesha County through  THE HOPE CENTER.
The drive will begin on May 5 and continue through MAY 26.
MEN’S DAY – Boxer’s or briefs?  All sizes are needed!  BRING TO CHURCH ON May 5!
WOMEN’S DAY – All sizes needed – briefs only, no bikini’s or smaller.  BRING TO CHURCH ON MAY 12!
SUNDAY SCHOOLERS AND YOUTH – shop with your parents or grandparents and pick out your favorites to give to other kids…Spongebob; Super Heroes; Disney Princesses; pretty colors or plain white and BRING TO CHURCH ON MAY 19 or May 26!
You may bring unopened packages of all underwear on any of the Sunday’s and place in the special bin in the Deacon’s Corner in the Fellowship Hall beginning May 1.  Thanks for your participation!
                                                                                                            DPC Deacons
Three families were welcomed on April 7-14 for our week of Family Promise. The families consisted of 13 people, 5 adults and 8 children. The families certainly were well cared for with delicious meals, a couple of rounds of Bay Blades, a few snuggles with the babies and an assurance at night that everyone could have a good night’s sleep. We heard comments like “I have never had a better meal,” and “This is our favorite church because it is so clean and everyone is so friendly and kind.”  Many thanks to our many outstanding volunteers! 
Adopt a Bed to Maintain

Thanks to all who helped with the spring clean up on our grounds. We will schedule another work day later in May to finish mulching and planting some shrubs. We did have volunteers last year to be responsible for weeding and maintaining certain beds around the church. If you have any interest please contact Herb Rasmussen at The time commitment is approximately one or two hours per month.
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Host the DPC Summer Picnic
Do you have some great outdoor space? Considering hosting the DPC picnic. If you are interested please contact the church office at
May Food Pantry

Last month we helped Mother's celebrate and in June it's time to celebrate our Dad's! Plan to bring food items to help all fathers celebrate.  We can fill the food pantries with all kinds of items!  Bring donations any Sunday throughout May.  Our main collection will be May 26!


The first Sunday of each month is designated loose change Sunday.  All loose coins and bills received go to the Deacons Fund to support their missions.  As always, your generosity is appreciated!
                                         MAY 5 - MEG YOST
                                         MAY 12 - ED MAREK
                                         MAY 19 - AKIN MORAKINYO AND SUZANNE ZWASKA
                                         MAY 26 - NEED VOLUNTEER

                                       MAY 5 - MARK ZWASKA AND SUE SCHILLER
                                       MAY 12 - DOUG AND JANE LURVEY
                                       MAY 19 - BOB AND STACIA FAITH
                                       MAY 26 - MIKE AND BRENDA O'CONNOR
Worship Team will notify you when you are scheduled.
Please be responsible in fulfilling your time-slotted assistance.
*If you cannot make your date, please call someone ahead of you on the list and switch!
Thanks, Session
We will be meeting on Wednesday mornings at the Milwaukee Street Traders Coffee Shop, at 10:00 a.m. once a month. You can purchase books at: Books and Company for 15% discount if you tell them you are from Delafield Presbyterian Church book club. 

May 15th – Discussion of a book.
June, July, August – Break for Summer!
September 18th – No book discussion just visit.
October 16th – Discussion of a book.
November 20th – No book discussion just visit.
December 18th – Discussion of a book.
Will keep you posted on the books we will be reading as I know.
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