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Pastor Nikki's Notions

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, February 26, we observed Ash Wednesday at DPC. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of our Lent, which is a time to return to that from which we were made: Dust and the breath of God. In the story of the creation of humans, the author of Genesis tells us that God shaped humans from the earth. And when God breathes God’s own breath into the mud doll that God had fashioned, the mud doll becomes a living soul. God names this first man Adam, a direct play on the Hebrew word Adamah, which means dust of the ground. Apparently, God thought it was important for us to remember where we came from. So for any of you mathematically minded folks, we might say that the equation for life is this: Dirt + Breath=Life. And we may also say that the inverse is true, Life-Breath=Dirt. That is why we hear these words when we are marked with ashes: “Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return.” It’s a somber thought, I know. But Ash Wednesday is a somber day, a time to reflect on the fragility of life and the brevity of our existence on this earth. And in light of that finitude, we should take stock of our lives and see if we are making the most out of these few short decades that we get on earth. This is why Lent is often a time for us to engage in spiritual practices we might not practice all year round. Each one of the practices is designed to help us to hear God’s voice speaking to us daily.    

One of the most common practices used during Lent is fasting. Fasting is an ancient practice for many traditions, and in the Christian tradition it became especially associated with the time of Lent as a way of having a more focused prayer life. Over time, giving something up during Lent gained an additional meaning: that we were doing this as some sort of punishment for all of the sins we’ve accumulated over the year. But this year, I want us to think about fasting in a different way, it is simply a way for us to make more room in our lives for God.

This Lent, I encourage you all everyone to fast from two things. First, we’re going to fast from hurry. When you enter our sanctuary this Lent, you will notice an Adirondack chair near the communion table. We will call this the prayer chair, and during the service, I will be using this chair to sit in and slow down as we pray together for one another and for our world. This will be one way for me to fast from hurry and reconnect with God. Likewise, you will be encouraged to designate a chair in your home as a prayer chair for yourself to slow down and reconnect with God every day. Each week, you will receive a handout with special prayers to pray if you need some help. The second thing we’re fasting from is the kind of worry that is a misguided need to control all of the aspects and outcomes in our lives. For fasting from worry, we are going to use what’s called the God Box. All throughout Lent, the God Box will stay on the credenza right outside the sanctuary and anytime worries come up, you can write them down, bring them with you to church and release them into God’s loving hands by dropping them into the God Box.

So dear friends, this Lent, let us slow down and take stock together. Each service is specifically designed to help us quiet down from our everyday lives and to pay attention to our God. You’re invited to come, to take the time you need to breathe and reconnect with a God who patiently and unhurriedly awaits your return. Come and hear the words of life and death. Come and be reminded that it is because of God’s breath within you that you live, and without it, you are dust. Come and remember your utter dependence on your creator and remember how much God cares for you. Come to let go of hurry and worry. Come and reconnect with an unhurried God.
Pastor Nikki


March events:

To bring home the message to "Un-busy our lives" this year during Lent...the kids are creating sleeping bags for cell phones to distribute to the congregation. Reminding all to be still, rest, listen, reflect and meditate each day. These will hopefully become habits to be encouraged in place of constant busy-ness and filling our lives with endless chatter.


Upcoming future events:

Sunday school students will be dying eggs on Palm Sunday, April 5th and hosting the fellowship hour after worship service

The Sunday schoolers will be creating items to sell at the DPC Fall Craft Fair on Saturday, September 19th over the next few months.


On March 29th the Teens we will be making pizzas and taking them to The Hebron House (Women’s shelter). They will have a tour of the center and learn more about the work that is done there.  More details to come when the date gets closer; however, the youth should plan to be available from 9:00 – 12:30 on this day.  Adrienne will be coordinating transportation, so all youth interested in participating should contact her to register your interest. This will also be posted on our Facebook page s your teens can share with their friends if they wish.

The date for communion this month is  March 1st. We would like to thank Cindy Hennig for preparing communion and Rosie & Duane Larson, Cindy Hennig, and Nikki Blanks for serving communion during the service.

At DPC, We Look Out for Each Other!

Just a reminder we are inviting everyone to support, Jim and Sherrie Savageau, as they go through Sherrie's chemo treatments together! They can really use our help with making good, healthy meals. To sign up to cook a meal, click on this link:

If you can't provide a meal, reach out to Sherrie! Let her know that you're thinking about her, or pay her a visit! They both have expressed how much this truly means to them,

Update from Stop Trafficking Together in Lake Country

Members of Stop Trafficking Together in Lake Country (STTLC) are happy to announce we are ready to go public with our training .

Cindy Bonness, retired teacher and member of STTLC who created the training, and Deb Reuland, retired teacher and honorary STTLC member, piloted the training at CTK and Vernon Presbyterian Church earlier this month. They both received excellent feedback and more speaking engagements as a result. Below is a picture of Cindy presenting to the Hartland Women’s Club this past Tuesday. STTLC is scheduled to speak to members of Bay Shore Lutheran Church and Holy Family Catholic Church in White Fish Bay the end of April.

“I’m happy with the response and quality of questions we’ve been receiving from our audiences so far. It would be great if we could get more men to attend these events,” Cindy says.

If you are a member of a community group that would like to learn more about the threat of trafficking in our area, please contact us at To learn more about our organization, visit our website at

If you’d like to be a part this ministry, all you to do is join us at our next meeting, which will be held at 10AM on Thursday March 19 at DPC. Please join us!

It was awesome seeing our little yellow shopping cart outside of the sanctuary filled this month. so the big question is what is needed for March, CLEANING SUPPLIES.
Please bring in donations any Sunday through March. All donations will be shared with a local food pantry to help out a family in need.
The First Sunday of each month is designated loose change Sunday. All loose coins and bills received go to the Deacon Fund to support their missions. As always, your generosity is appreciated.

Little Dresses

Our Little Dresses group will meet in the conference room on Wednesdays from Noon—4 on March 18. Everyone is welcome to join us. We need those who sew as well as those willing to iron, assemble dress kits and organize our work. Come help us put smiles on little girls’ faces!

Sunday School
It was great to see our children sing "This Little Light of Mine" during the Sunday worship service on February 23rd .  To enhance their performance, the students played “shakers”, musical “instruments” they had previously made in Sunday school. Robin Wohlfeil directed them while playing her ukulele. During the worship service, globes created by the children were on display in the sanctuary. Appropriate scripture verses from the Bible were researched and printed on the globes by Kaeli Bohman and added to the bases. Each child was able to take their globe home.  For those that may have missed this, don't worry we have it on our Facebook page

Thanks to your generosity, on February 2nd, Super Bowl Sunday, the Sunday school children were able to collect $175 as part of the nationwide “Souper Bowl of Caring” to help those suffering from hunger. The money stays in our immediate community and will benefit a local food pantry.  The children made a card that will be sent to the Kettle Moraine Food pantry along with the donation.
Teen Group

On February 23rd there were 5 teens for Loaves and Fishes, 2 younger kids and 8 adults, who volunteered with Loaves and Fishes at the Hope Center in Waukesha. They all received words of praise and compliments for their service. Thanks to Teen Leader Adrienne O’Neil for promoting this and Lynn and Jim Marsh for their first time in charge of the operations component. Many donors are due thanks for their contributions.

Delafield Presbyterian Church
25th Annual Fish Fry, Silent Auction, 50/50 Raffle and Bake Sale
May 1, 2020
DPC’s 25th Annual Fish Fry & Auction is fast approaching. The date is May 1st and once again our venue is Western Lakes Golf Course. As many of you know this is our church’s largest fundraiser and we need everyone’s help to make it a success. More detailed information will follow but we need more help the night of the fish fry in all areas including set-up, serving food, helping with auction, the bake sale and selling raffle tickets.  In addition we’re asking all of you to consider how you may be able to help make this year’s Auction even more successful. Many of you have donated terrific items in the past and we hope you can again. But we need more participation and want to increase donations from local businesses.  Do you have a favorite restaurant or merchant that would give you a gift certificate, or access to tickets to a game or concert, know an artist who would donate a piece of art, have a condo or cabin you’d be willing to auction off for a week? Maybe you want to host a dinner or a boat ride. Or host a group at your golf club. Be creative. Make it fun! More info will be available soon (including auction items) on the church website and on our Facebook page.  

Thanks in advance,
Doug, Sue, Lynn and Carol Buech
Stewardship and Fish Fry Team
We would like to say thank you to everyone that has signed up and volunteered to help make our Sunday's run smoothly. Please be responsible in fulfilling your time-slotted spot, if you are not able to please let us know. If there is a spot open that you are able to fill, please contact Mark Zwaska or sign up on Sunday on our worship bulletin board.

Nursery Schedule
1               Mary Rasmussen
8                Mike O'Conner
15              TWO SPOTS ARE OPEN
22              Pam Angst
29               1 Spot is Open

Usher Schedule
1               (First Sunday of Lent) Ed & Lee Ann Robinson
8                Ed & Val Marek
15             Jim Savageau & Lynn Marsh
22              Herb & Mary Rasmussen
29              Mark  & Suzanne Zwaska

Coffee Makers Schedule
1               Doug Lurvey

8                Bob & Stacia Faith
15              Dale & Shirley Hansen
22              Pam Angst
29              Duane & Rosie Lawson

Providing Food for Fellowship Hour
1               Board of Deacons will bring cake for Birthday Sunday
8               This Spot is Open
15             Seamstresses of Little Dresses for Africa
22             This Spot is Open
29             This Spot is Open  
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