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Two Scientists Walk Into A Bar
This is part of a new initiative by the Carnegie Science Center to allow Pittsburghers access to scientists. Thirty scientists will be sitting, drinking and talking to people in 15 bars across the city on Friday, December 15th.

Here are five of the bars (the ones featuring Astronomy related topics)

Location: Southern Tier (
Time: 5–7 pm
Science Topic Focus: Human Evolution / Genetics and Astronomy
Mike Seaman (Duquense University) & Andrew Zenter (University of Pittsburgh)

Location: East End Brewing Brewpub (
Time: 5:30–7:30 pm
Science Topic Focus: Theoretical Physics, Biology / Virology / Environmental Education
Patrick Cooper (Duquense University) & Clifton Bossong (A.W. Beattie Career Center)

Location: East End Brewing Taproom (
Time: 5:30–7:30 pm
Science Topic Focus: Astronomy
Ralph Crewe (CSC) & Karen Carney (University of Pittsburgh)

Location: Rivertowne Brewing
Time: 6–8 pm
Science Topic Focus: Astronomy / Robotics
Kevin Sapp University of Pittsburgh) & Eric Yttri (Carnegie Mellon University )

Location: Allegheny Wine Mixer (
Time: 5–7 pm
Science Topic Focus: Robotics and Astronomy
Daniel Pillis (Carnegie Mellon University) & Diane Turnshek (Carnegie Mellon University)

Check out all of the listings here:

Water On Mars
December 15th & 16th

August Wilson Center
980 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15222