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Dark Sky Meeting - Light Pollution Conference

b3e6943e-7314-44d7-83e7-bc2fc28d9c1b.jpg June 1st
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Light pollution conference at CMU -Tepper Quad Conference Room, Simmons Auditorium B.

Free, open to the public.

Join us to learn about the consequences of indiscriminate, obtrusive, unwanted, artificial light at night. Research on the effects of low levels of light on the nighttime ecosystem is exposing negative impacts on plants and animals.Light pollution impacts astronomical research. The wasted energy of sending light into the sky contributes to anthropogenic global warming. The inability of 80% of the population in the US to see a clear night full of stars may have far-reaching consequences that are as yet difficult to quantify.

CMU researchers are using drones to record light pollution before, during, and after installation of 40,000 new LED streetlights to measure their dark-sky effect. Cities around the world have already installed LED streetlights because of the great energy and maintenance savings, yet many citizens have not been happy with the results. Issues of light coloration and lumen intensity have raised health and circadian rhythm concerns, as well as safety issues due to increased light levels and glare. To achieve best-practices for both nighttime visibility and dark-sky concerns, the City will be installing shielded streetlights with temperatures of no more than 2700K.

Use of a fleet of off-the-shelf drones (Mavic 2 Pro) and a free iPhone app to control the flight path for photography will allow other cities to follow our simple procedure. The nighttime maps of the city (all 55 square miles) will be uploaded to the public site Burgh’s Eye View. We are coordinating volunteers through, the Pittsburgh section of the International Dark-sky Association.

The conference will consider the human medical effects of artificial light at night, disruption on the nighttime ecosystem, safety issues, and impact on astronomical research.

Sponsored by:
CMU School of Architecture
CMU Physics Department

Dr. Kisslinger's Outreach Program

Dr. Leonard Kisslinger's outreach program helps middle schoolers with their projects for the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science. It's been going on for decades in the heart of Pittsburgh. The Physics Concepts video will be aired on WQED on Saturday May 25 at 10 p.m. in the program Filmmakers Corner.

Full Moon Hike & Star Party
7ef7ece5-ee21-46af-b3eb-8eda8572338e.jpg June 16th and June 17th
8:30 - 10:30 PM
Riverside Park
$15 per person

Explore trails by the light of the moon on a guided nighttime hike along the Connecticut River. Bring your camera to capture photos of the spectacular views. Meeting place is at the Boathouse patio in Riverside Park.

Link to event
WVU - Planetarium & Observatory - Events
May 24th - 5:00 PM
Monthly Children's Show - Oasis in Space

June 7th - 7:00
Solar Superstorms

June 22nd - 2:00 PM
Monthly Children's Show - Two Small Pieces of Glass

Spaced Out Astronomy Weekend
July 21st
Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Special presentations by guest Astronomers.

Need more info - as of 4/28/19 not on Carnegie Science Center Calendar- link is from visit pittsburgh

Link to Site
Off Site Star Parties
June 15th - Kunkle Park
June 17th - Riverview Park
June 28th - Baldwin Borough Public Library
July 6th - AGH Commons
July 20th - Riverview Park
July 27th - Kunkle Park
July 28th - Murrysville Community Park
August 2nd- Highland Park
August 3rd - Raystown Lake State Park & Kunkle Park
August 16th - Mellon Park
August 17th - Bethel Park Public Library
August 23rd - Moraine Boat Cruse and Star Party
August 31st - Char-Houston Community Library
September 14th - Frick Park
September 26th - Kunkle Park
September 28th - Murrysville Community Park
October 4th - Schenley Park
October 11th - Balwin Borough Public Library
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Does Sheldon Cooper Really Exist?
Check out the article and video to find out, courtesy of KDKA news.

The Real Life Sheldon & Leonard: CMU Physics Professors Thank ‘Big Bang Theory’ For Making Love Of Science More Accepted

Link to article
AAAP Star Parties
May 24th & 25th - Mingo Star Party
June 7th & 8th - Wagman Star Party
Pint of Science Festival
May 21st
Doors 18:00
Event 18:30-20:30
$5 at door

Pastoli's Pizza, Pasta & Paisans
1900 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh 15217

Guest speakers are:
Costa Samaras (Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University)
Topic: Decarbonizing Electricity and Transportation: Getting from Here to There

Karen Clay (Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Carnegie Mello University)
Topic: Prices, Taxes, and Innovation: An Economist’s View of Climate Change Solutions

Link to the Event

Astronomy Links
Physics Department at CMU
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Events Page

Astronomy on Tap
Facebook Page

Department of Physics and Astronomy at Pitt
Facebook Page
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Allegheny Observatory Lecture Series
Call 412-321-2400 at 1:00 PM on the Monday after each lecture for free reservations.


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2019 Lecture Dates
June 21
July 19
August 16th
September 20
October 18
November 15
Buhl Planetarium: SkyWatch
Fri., June 7 at 8 and 10 pm
Tues., July 16 at 8 and 10 pm
Tues., Aug. 13 at 8 and 10 pm

Visitors are invited to come to SkyWatch at the Henry Buhl, Jr. Planetarium & Observatory and get up-close and personal with amazing celestial objects. SkyWatch happens rain or shine. The evening begins with a virtual tour of the night sky in Buhl Planetarium. Afterward, visitors are welcome to enjoy additional planetarium programs, and if the skies are clear, head up to our observatory! Spot Saturn’s rings or details on the lunar surface through our 16-inch Meade LX200 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, and chat with our team of expert stargazers.

On evenings that SkyWatch is presented, we offer the program twice. Come early, or come late, as your schedule permits.

Are you an astronomy expert? Bring your own (fully assembled) telescope to share with others, and visit SkyWatch for free!

Cost: $4 for nonmembers / $2 for members and as an add-on to general admission.

SkyWatch sessions will meet in the first floor of Carnegie Science Center at either 8 pm or 10 pm.

A guide will lead you to our second-floor Buhl Planetarium, to start the evening with a virtual tour of the night sky.

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AAAP Star Parties
Below is the complete list of 2019 public star parties at Mingo and Wagman Observatories.

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May 24 & 25
June 21 & 22
July 12 & 13
August 9 & 10
September 20 & 21
October 25 & 26
November 9

June 7 & 8
July 12, & 13
August 9 & 10
September 6, 7, & 21
October 5 & 19
November 2