December 2018 Newsletter

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Dark Skies Anthology
New genre anthology about star-filled skies opening for story submissions December 1, 2018 through Feb 28, 2019.

Pittsburgh-based Triangulation yearly anthology has been published since 2003. The theme this year is "Dark Skies."

5000 word limit on submissions. Pay rate is four cents a word.

If you write science fiction, fantasy or horror, consider submitting an astronomy-themed story.

Café Scientifique
Carnegie Science Center
December 3rd
7:00 - 9:00 PM

“We Need to Talk About the Death of the Universe”
Presented by: Paul M. Sutter, PhD
Astrophysicist, The Ohio State University
Chief Scientist, COSI Science Center

Join Dr. Sutter as he evaluates past and future changes to our universe and our place within its complexities. Topics for the evening include our place in the Milky Way galaxy, the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy, and more.

Doors open at 6 pm for networking and refreshments
Admission is FREE
Parking is $5

Website Link

Behind the Scenes with the Smithsonian’s Michael Neufeld
December 9th
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Heinz History Center

Dr Michael Neufield is the senior curator of the Smithsonian's space history at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. Dr. Neufield will talk about his work at the Smithsonian and discuss how American made history by putting a man on the moon in 1969.

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IDA Pittsburgh Chapter Meeting
Wednesday, December 12th
6:30 PM
Cohon University Center at CMU

The next meeting of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the International Dark-sky Association ( will be held on Wednesday, December 12, at 6:30 pm, in the same room as the last meeting, the Connan Room in the Cohon University Center at CMU, 5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

The meeting is hosted by the CMU Astronomy Club and is free and open to the public. Free parking at the East Campus Garage next door. Many projects are being worked on by the group, for example a new website, the drone mapping group led by AAAP members Mike Lincoln and Michael Lincoln, astrophotography, the writing arm, a political task force, collecting scientific data on Pittsburgh skies from other sources (ex. remote sensing on the ISS, AO All-sky camera) and an astronaut invitation for the May dark sky conference at CMU.

If dark skies are important to you, please join us. This is a big task and we can use everyone’s help.
Don't forget to like our Facebook Page @IDApghOrg

WVU - Planetarium & Observatory - Events
December 14th
7:00 PM
Holiday Show - Season of Lights

West Virginia University Planetarium is located on the PL Floor of White Hall, 135 Willey Street.

Admission is free but reservations are required. Reservations must be made before 3:30 pm on the days of the shows.

Simons Observatory: The Next Great Microwave Telescopes
Allegheny Observatory Lecture
Friday, January 18, 2019
"Simons Observatory: The Next Great Microwave Telescopes"
by Arthur Kosowsky (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh)

Call Lou Coban on Wednesday, January 2 at 1 pm for free reservations.

Astronomy Talks & Podcasts
Sit back this evening and enjoy science and astronomy talks.

Broadcast 2856: Hotel Mars
Light Up the Sky with Stars
Metro 21: Smart Cities Institute Podcast

Tartan Articles
Check out articles from The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon's Student Newspaper Since 1906.

Pittsburgh Group Fights for Dark Skies
Physics Professor Receives Grant to Study Light Pollution with Drones

Careers in Space
Check out local careeres in space robotics. Visit the Astrobotic website for further information.

AAAP Video
If you've never seen the 2009 6-minute video from WQED about the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh, here's your chance. It's worth a look.

Astronomy Links
Physics Department at CMU
Facebook Page
Twitter Feed
Events Page

Astronomy on Tap
Facebook Page Twitter Feed

Department of Physics and Astronomy at Pitt
Facebook Page Twitter Feed
Facebook Page
Facebook Page
Allegheny Observatory Lecture Series
Call 412-321-2400 at 1:00 PM on the Monday after each lecture for free reservations.


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2019 Lecture Dates
Friday, January 18, 2019
"Simons Observatory: The Next Great Microwave Telescopes"
Buhl Planetarium: SkyWatch
December 21
January 12th
January 20th - Total Lunar Eclispe
Feburary 9th

Visitors are invited to come to SkyWatch at the Henry Buhl, Jr. Planetarium & Observatory and get up-close and personal with amazing celestial objects.

Cost: $4 for non-members / $2 for members and as an add-on to general admission or an Omnimax show

Meet in the first floor of Carnegie Science Center at either 7 pm or 9 pm. A guide will lead you to the second-floor Buhl Planetarium, to start the evening with a virtual tour of the night sky.

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AAAP Star Parties
Below is the complete list of 2019 public star parties at Mingo and Wagman Observatories.

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April 27
May 24 & 25
June 21 & 22
July 12 & 13
August 9 & 10
September 20 & 21
October 25 & 26
November 9

January 20
April 13 & 27
May 17 & 18
June 7 & 8
July 12, & 13
August 9 & 10
September 6, 7, & 21
October 5 & 19
November 2