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For my first newsletter of this decade, I wanted to share something important, something that came from the wisdom of the animals and Nature. When I sat in deep contemplation of what to write about, I remembered the message that I received from the Ancestors which sparked the first inkling of my soul's purpose:


These two words have been the basis of the direction my life took when I stepped into the room of an African Sangoma 20 years ago. I was told that the Ancestors were asking me to “Wake Up”.

Over the years I have found that these two words are used in many different contexts. They can express frustration, need, a plea, as well as a gentle request for re-awakening. So, in the context of my work as an interspecies communicator and sacred activist, what do those words really mean?
South African Sangoma, Sarah, reading the messages from the Ancestors. Photo by Sally Wellbeloved.
I did what I usually do when looking for answers to deep philosophical questions: I asked the LION. If you have followed my work over the years, it will come as no surprise to you that my sprit guide comes to me in the form of a Lion. This is who I connect with when I need guidance and advice.

My Lion guide showed me a thick, grey darkness creeping over the land, one that has been gathering for centuries. A darkness that has sent humanity into a senseless slumber, where the heart-mind is unconscious. Waking up means pushing through the thick, gooey greyness and moving it aside to become aware of what lies beneath.
What is the greyness covering up?
It is covering a stream of consciousness- here I was shown streams of light, moving over the gridlines of the earth connecting every being. There were so many streams it looked like a cloud of golden light.

It is covering a stream of consciousness, of awareness, of intelligence that humanity does not believe exists.

Once that veil of grey is lifted, humanity can tap into that intelligent, conscious stream in order to renew themselves and to renew the planet.

All life is precious. The fragility of the earth is not seen because people are blinded by their own need and greed.

Waking up means clearing the fear of loss, of lack, of desolation and seeing the presence, the abundance and the fullness of Nature and all she offers. Waking up means seeing how to work with Nature in order to restore the balance that has been destroyed by human need and greed.
My Lion guide then showed me an image of each human heart clouded by this grey covering and as the human heart awakens, the grey clears and the heart light shines out, clearing the darkness that creeps.

I know that many of you reading this have been on a journey of awakening, or re-awakening. Perhaps you are just starting and feeling the need to know more, to feel more, to learn more about this stream of consciousness and how to be a part of it.
I believe that, whether “awake” or “asleep”, we are already part of it- but it is with our intention and our activation of heart energy that we can contribute positively into this consciousness stream and really be a part of the awakening of the planet.

At the beginning of this newsletter I described how, when faced with major decisions, I go to my spirit guide, the LION, for guidance. Do you have a spirit guide that you are comfortable in relying upon? Who is he/she? If you are not certain, or would like some clarity, feel free to re-visit one of our recorded live webinars exactly on this subject to help you in this area:
Animal Spirit Guides
7 Days of Meditations for the animals.
During the 7 Days of Rest offerings of my "Meditations for the Animals", you would have had a taste of what is possible through meditation and intent.
If you haven’t yet taken part, all the meditations are available to you here for free:
7 Days of Meditations for the Animals
You are invited to share your experiences on the Community FB page
Photo of Modjadji by Rachel Dunn
HEART Gatherings
Keeping this flow of energy going, I invite you to the first H.E.A.R.T gathering. A gathering of people working with Heart Energy to Achieve Real Transformation.
This is a series of gatherings of like-hearted people coming together to work with positive visualization and the power of the heart to address the major issues we are facing on our Earth at this time.

Each gathering will focus on a different theme… The first will be on-line and focused on Elephant Consciousness and how to assist in restoring the balance so that these majestic, matriarchal beings can continue to walk their wisdom and nurturing into the earth in freedom and harmony with humanity.
Important dates to remember this month:
10 & 12 of January 2020 – A lunar eclipse and planetary alignments
21st January 2020 – The World Economic Forum, where one of the themes will be “How to Save the Planet”

Linda Tucker, Founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, has asked us to hold a united vision with her on January 10, the day of a lunar eclipse and in the lead up to an important global political event on January 21, the World Economic Forum. Linda will be at this event as will political leaders including President Trump and Brazilian President Bolsonaro (among others), making critical decisions about the future. Will you join us in prayer on January 10? 
The united vision we hold:  That those who hold the power to make real changes do so in a way that is aligned with supporting and flourishing life. That any restructuring brings in light. That sacred sites and their guardians (human and non human) be honored and protected. That human beings remember their connection to these sites, to all life, to one another. 
How does remembering how to consciously communicate with the animals help you wake up?
All non-human animals are still intrinsically connected to the stream of consciousness that my Lion guide showed me. They have not separated themselves, as humanity has. Admittedly some have shut down and seem in physical form to be “unconscious” because of the deep trauma they have suffered due to the human condition. And yet, even those who have shut down, are deeply connected and are still trying to restore the balance.

When we start communicating with other species, we can only do so with the energy of absolute and unconditional love, which is the love of the universe, the love from source, divine love. This is what connects all life, and if we had to measure the energy frequency of the streams of consciousness spoken about at the beginning of the newsletter, I have no doubt that it would resonate at the same frequency of unconditional love.
That frequency has been measured at 528Hz… read more here:
When we attune to this vibration, we are in tune with all life. It is at this frequency through which the communications flow. When our intuition (our inner-knowledge) is working at its best, this is where we are working from.

Learning how to communicate with the animals, is how I began to wake up, as instructed by the Ancestors. I learn from the animals and Nature every day, each time I consciously connect and communicate with another species, more wisdom is shared. We are forever growing and waking up.
Please join me on this beautiful journey in whichever way feels right to you. Explore what Animaltalk Africa offers by clicking on the buttons below.
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With so much love and may many African blessings be showered upon you in this transitional year of 2020,
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