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During this time on Earth, where the terms "lock down", "self isolation", "social distancing" and "quarantine" are heard every day, it is time to start opening up to Heart energy and the power of self.

Let's try using these words instead:  "open up", "heart gathering", "intuitive connecting" and "inter-being communication".

In this time of imposed 'self-isolation' or 'social distancing', there is time for self-reflection and to improve learning and skills that you never felt that you had the time to address previously. And yet there are economic restrictions during these times too. This is why we would encourage you to take the step to commit to learning and improving your inter-species communication skills and are facilitating this at a reduced cost.

Until the 16th of April, I am offering a 25% discount on all Animal Talk Africa Online Academy courses, which teach you how to communicate intuitively with all beings, through the language of the heart.
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This time, more than ever before, humans need to hone these skills in order to understand what is happening on an individual and global level. By learning intuitive interspecies communication you can give hope to the voiceless, give comfort in the confusion and receive loving support and advice from your animal friends.
Mother Earth is giving us time to go into our hearts, to rest, and to let her breathe a little more easily. As difficult as it is physically for us, know that this is a time of healing that is desperately needed.

I invite you to use this time to listen with your hearts to your inner knowledge; to go within and learn the wisdoms of the animals.
H.E.A.R.T. Messages from primates in laboratories

On Saturday we came together for our second online H.E.A.R.T (Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation) Gathering. After doing a meditation to clear our hearts of fears and anxieties, we connected with this South American Titi Monkey (pictured above), one of the species of 4000 primates held in captivity at the UC Davis California National Primate Center used for scientific research.
Watch the free recording here
I would like to share some of the messages that people emailed to me, after the webinar:
There is a great deal of pain in these centers and there is a great deal of hope. There are profound changes taking place in our world for the good of humanity and all of its beings. As you send love to us, we are also sending love to you. We are a reflection of you and you are a reflection of us. Heal yourselves and the ways you have been separated and imprisoned by your own pain. In doing this you heal the pain that lives in these primate experimental centers and support others in healing their pain and opening their hearts. Then the doors open and the primates are free. So humanity is FREE.
"Speak up, speak out. You're not responsible. Do not turn away from the confinement. Open your heart. 
Go back to your roots as a collective...learn to grow your own medicine and work with plants. Permaculture. This will empower humans to take care of self again (instead of relying on corporations to provide medicine, information by researching on animals). Learn to live in groups again. Just as the baboons who have been used in medical research, have to learn to live again in freedom, we too must learn how to live again in harmony with each other and all beings and earth. Once we do this, our liberation, will be their liberation and their liberation will be ours."
We are enduring this situation to create shock within the human consciousness.  Humans are very sick, very unwell, and need help. They do not understand that we are no different, that we are all brothers and sisters.  We are all connected on such a deep level that humanity does not realise that the pain and suffering they cause us, the Animal Kingdom and Mother Earth, they create deep pain and suffering for themselves.  Many are so numbed and distant to their true existence and essence that they do not realise they are killing themselves.  We are here to help them heal because collectively we all need to take responsibility for the healing of Mother Earth together with the animal kingdom with nature.  Humanity has lost their connection to us, to themselves, and we are here to remind them.  This is our mission.

I felt an overwhelming sense they truly accepted their mission and what they were here to do, it was incredible.  I also could feel the people working within these environments were so shut down and so unhappy themselves as if they were robots performing tasks they have been asked to perform.  I could sense and feel a deeper darker energy overseeing these institutes who operate on their own agenda.
There are more messages that came through during the webinar, so please watch the recording it if you can.

Contemplating the Global situation, and the plight of all animals in captivity, I realised that humanity has been imprisoning Nature for centuries. Now we are being physically imprisoned by Nature, but a lockdown for a few weeks is nothing compared to what so many animals are forced into for their entire lives.
Please spend this quiet time at home, going into your heart space and envisioning the Freedom of all beings.
Watch the free recording here
Photo of Modjadji by Rachel Dunn
The recording of the first H.E.A.R.T. Gathering, for the Elephants is still available.
H.E.A.R.T. GATHERING for the Elephants
7 Days of Meditations for the animals.

During the 7 Days of Rest 2020 offerings of my Meditations for the Animals, you would have had a taste of what is possible through meditation and intent.
If you haven’t yet taken part, all the meditations are available to you here for free, with no expiry date.
7 Days of Meditations for the Animals
Please join me on this beautiful journey in whichever way feels right to you. Explore what Animaltalk Africa offers during this time of "intuitive connecting" by clicking on the buttons below.
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With so much love and may many African blessings be showered upon you in this time of earth healing,
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