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The matriarch zebra who co-habits with the StarLions- what did she have to say?
She connected with us so deeply, staring directly into the camera in order to share her energy of balance, heart, stillness and courage.

Apologies for the long delay since my last newsletter. The last 6 weeks have been taken up with preparing and facilitating our very first Virtual StarLion Journey. 
This is part of my H.E.A.R.T (Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation) programme. I had to find a creative way of facilitating an in-person HEART gathering, in a time where international travel is not possible.

The pioneering group of 20 animal communicators (all who wanted to book for the HEART StarLion Journey advertised at the beginning of the year) committed to spending 6 days on this virtual retreat connecting with the sacred lands of the StarLions and communicating with their hearts to achieve real transformation.

It was a resounding success and we have now created a blue-print which can be adjusted for other journeys to the White Lions, in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust... More on this to come. 

This Grey Turaco (Grey Loerie or "Go-away" bird) and her family, let us spend quiet time with them, without telling us to go-away.

Upcoming Webinar

Preparing your Animal Friends for Change

"The only constant in life is change"- this was said by Greek philosopher Heraclitus 500 years BC - it is still true.
Madash, whose job as welcoming host of Camp Unicorn has had to ease into the new way of being

Even though change is constant, we are creatures of habit and most of us find change difficult. Our beloved animal friends who live with us, and are so influenced by us, feel the stress we have about change in general. So how can we ease into the changes that life presents us, together with our animal friends?

Join Wynter in this webinar where she will show you how to prepare your animal friends for any changes in life, whether they are planned or unexpected. Through communicating with them, you can explain why the change is happening; ask how they are feeling about it; and find out how you can make the change easier for all of you.

From moving home, to introducing new family members, this online class will help you and your furry, feathered or scaly friends adjust and thrive in this ever changing world.

Preparing your Animal Friends for Change


6th August 2020
12:00 - Central African Time

Register Here
This webinar is hosted by WebinarNinja and will be recorded, please register even if you cannot attend live, so that you can be sent the link to view the replay in your own time.
Please note we are no longer subscribing to Big Marker, because of their activity surrounding donation monies. If you have registered for life-time access to any past ATA webinars, and would still like to access them, please let us know and we will send you a new link.
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15% off from 1st - 8th August  2020

Learn how you can talk and listen to the animals

There are so many choices out there at the moment for online learning, and many different animal communication teachers.

How is Animaltalk Africa Online Academy different?

It has been built up over 15 years with pioneering animal communicator Wynter Worsthorne, the core facilitator.
There is a definite African influence, where you get to connect with indigenous African wisdoms and the African wilderness.
Not only is ATAOA an online course, but it provides a worldwide community, in real time, who regularly share work and experiences.

As well as Wynter’s direct tuition there are past graduates assigned to each new attendee as a mentor to help and guide you through the courses in your own time.

And monthly student online webinars where Wynter teaches and guides you through all subjects.
The ethics of Professional Animal Communication is extremely important to us, so you know you are receiving training grounded in compassion, respect and the greatest good for everyone, especially the animals you are communicating with.
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Discounts and Payment Terms are available to South African Residents, and certain animal welfare workers. Please contact Wynter to request more information.
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