Issue #93 | 2018-09-26
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The problem with real news — and what we can do about it

In this, the first of a four-part series, De Correspondent founder Rob Wijnberg looks at the challenges facing journalism today and the philosophy that underpins the work De Correspondent does.

Watch out, algorithms: The Markup plans to investigate tech’s societal impacts

With a healthy $20 million backing from Craig Newmark, Julia Angwin and Jeff Larson are planning the launch of The Markup, a news startup focused on investigating the impacts of algorithms and technology on society. Based on previous work the pair have done I'm pretty excited about this. 

Exceptional social media reporting: BBC Africa 

If you haven't already see this check it out right now. The BBC Africa team took to Twitter and used Google Street View, Facebook and a sundial to dispel the Cameroon military's 'fake news'. It's an horrific story but the BBC investigation is exceptional.


How to start your own media newsletter

The Splice Newsroom co-founder Rishad Patel, offers tips on starting, and growing, your own email newsletter. 

Report: Non-profit investigative journalism in Africa

Ntibinyane Ntibinyane takes a deep dive into the opportunities and risks of donor-funded journalism in Africa. 

How to buy into journalism’s blockchain future (in only 44 steps)

Quartz's John Keefe sets out to buy Civil tokens, the blockchain startup promising to rebuild journalism. A mere 44 steps later he think's he's succeeded. 

Journalism needs to reinvent itself

The Open Society Foundations' Maria Teresa Ronderos says the most important challenge for journalism today is to finds its identity and redefine its role in society. 

Tech trends for journalists

Every year Amy Webb's Future Today Institute predicting the major trends that will likely affect major sectors of society. Included is a prediction of the major tech trends that will shape the world of journalism. You can download the full report from the FTI website, or you could sit back and watch Amy's presentation on these trends at ONA 18 (click image below for video).


Data Viz
Visualising uncertainty

Earlier this month Enrico Bertini asked the Twitter for ideas and resources on visualising uncertainty. The result is a fantastic crowd-sourced document listing close of 50 different resources on the topic

PS. If you aren't already subscribed to Data Stories, the podcast Enrico co-hosts with Moritz Stefaner, then do yourself a favour and do that now. 

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