Issue #80 | 2018-06-13
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How journalists can hold algorithms to account: a Q&A with Nick Diakopoulous

Algorithms are powerful. They can decide who goes to jail, who gets offered employment opportunities, what videos are suitable for children to watch, and more. But, with such power, what happens when things go wrong? 

The New York Times’ “Your Weekly Edition” is a new newsletter personalized for each recipient

In a new experiment the Times is using the reading habits of logged in subscribers to create newsletters built to match their interests. 

What interactives can do that articles can't

Over the past few months the debate about the true value of interactive visualizations has been robust with many declaring them dead. And while there may have been a shift away from interactive graphics there are some things that interactives do better than any article. 

Research reveals digital impact on journalists

Over 3000 Australian print and broadcast journalists have been made redundant in the past six years. A team of academics is investigating their fates and recording the effects of digital media on the profession.

The hidden costs of losing your local newspaper

When local newspapers shut their doors, communities lose out. People and their stories can’t find coverage. Politicos take liberties when it’s nobody’s job to hold them accountable.

Podcast revenue seems to be growing fast enough for everyone to get a slice

US podcast ad revenue grew 86% to hit $314 million in 2017.

5 ways data journalism became more innovative in the past few years

Newsrooms around the world are aiming for more interactivity and better user journey through data stories

The first edition of NYT's This Week in Good News had an open rate of more than 100%

Daily news can be grim, so the New York Times set up a positive reporting initiative to highlight more uplifting stories


Tips & Tools

End note: 
The past few weeks have been pretty busy finishing off a number of projects, one of which we published yesterday. It's a visual data story about the state of South Africa's school toilets. And the numbers are pretty depressing if you consider that not only do some schools have no toilets but that more than 1 in every 3 schools in the country use pit latrines. 

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