Do Justice Giving Tuesday | November 2017

Dear justice-seeker,

This has been a year of refining fire for Do Justice.

A few Do Justice articles that were written by people of colour and women came under close scrutiny at Synod 2017. It was rough. Some criticisms were fair, and we’ve responded accordingly. Others showed potential misunderstanding of what we’re trying to do on Do Justice: to be a diverse, Reformed space that prioritizes the voices of marginalized people on justice issues. We seek to make sure that those who have often been excluded, like women and people of colour, get places of honour at our table — and we stand up for their inclusion when their perspectives and voices are challenged.

We've come through this refining fire stronger and more committed to this vision. We are diverse, and we are reforming.

This year we decided to put our money where our mouths are. We started paying honoraria to a small group of columnists from Christian Reformed congregations across the continent, a group that is diverse with respect to region, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and vocation.

It’s been a resounding success. These writers have written some of the most honest, challenging reflections on the call to do justice in their local contexts that Do Justice has ever hosted. Thanks to the intentionally diverse make-up of the group, we’ve both met and exceeded our goals for representation of people of colour and women this year:

  • 33 percent of our writers are people of colour.
  • Just over 50% are women.

The reality is that we’re doing this in a time when our budgets are shrinking. We’re spending more energy on fund-raising than before, and we’re being asked to make do with less. That’s why we need your help.

Stand with Do Justice in creating space in the CRC for diverse, reforming conversations on justice.

  • $10 pays for one promoted post on Facebook to get our posts out to more people.
  • $50 pays for one columnist post.
  • $55 pays for our web hosting for a month.
  • $200 pays for one columnist’s contributions for a year.
  • $360 pays for our editors’ time spent on the blog in a week (average).
  • $660 pays for our web hosting for a year.

The Christian Reformed Church needs a space to listen to and center the perspectives of women, people of colour, and young people on justice issues affecting our communities.

Stand with Do Justice in creating space in the CRC for diverse, reforming conversations on justice.

In Christ,

Danielle, Paola, Mike, and Rev. Kate
For the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue and the Office of Social Justice