Blessing Not Burden | October 20, 2017
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Praying with Dreamers Week - #Faith4Dream
October 29 - November 4

Almost two months ago we learned of the eventual termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program without any long-term solution in place for undocumented youth, or Dreamers. In response, through the OSJ’s action alert, you’ve sent 1,556 calls and emails to Congress to demand that Congress act for Dreamers and pass a clean Dream Act (S. 1615 / H.R. 3440). We have an opportunity to continue to raise our voices as a community.

October 29 - November 4 is “Praying with Dreamers - #Faith4Dream Week”: a national call to the faith community to lift up Dreamers in prayer and action. Your voice is crucial to ensure that Congress hears loud and clear that the church will not be silent until the Dream Act is passed. Let us put our call to love our neighbors into action and speak up this week.

Here are four ways you and your church can speak loudly during #Faith4Dream week:


We will flood Congress all week with calls and emails that express how our faith moves us to advocate for a just long-term solution for Dreamers. Only Congress can make this change, but it will not happen without your voice.

Will you mobilize ten members of your church to commit to call or email your member of Congress to enact the Dream Act of 2017? Click below for easy instructions on how to call and what to say. Your church’s voice matters — and you are critical to ensure it’s being used!


Join churches across the country in praying for Dreamers on Sunday, October 29. Share this prayer with your pastor or worship leader so it can be part of your congregational prayer.

God of hope, we lift our prayers for young immigrants in this country — the ones who call themselves Dreamers. They are our brothers and sisters, our neighbors and friends, who have dreams and hopes for a future that right now is uncertain. Give them strength, Lord, as they work tirelessly for things that so many of us take for granted. Give them courage, Lord, as they face fears of deportation, of separation from their families, of returning to countries they do not call home. Give them a clear, bold voice, Lord, as they speak truth to those who are in power. And we pray that their message would be heard. Empower our Congress, Lord, to seek to do justice and love mercy — to use their power to help people to flourish. And use us, Lord, your church, to speak and work for justice. Amen.


Gather a small group of church members after your Sunday worship service or during family night to share on social media that you’re praying and advocating for the Dream Act.

  1. Record a video of someone saying:
    My name is _____________ and I am from _________________ (city, state). As a Christian, I pray with Dreamers for the Dream Act because_______________.
  2. Post the video to Facebook or Twitter with #Faith4Dream. Make the post public on Facebook and tag your members of Congress and our partner Interfaith Immigration Coalition.
  3. Ask someone to record your response and invite others to participate!


Work together with folks in your congregation and other community groups to organize a vigil or educational event. Check out the Dream Sabbath toolkit for ideas on how to host an event during #Faith4Dream week!

Follow Immigrants Are a Blessing Not a Burden on Facebook to stay up to date on “Praying with Dreamers Week!”

Do you plan on mobilizing your congregation to pray or speak up during #Faith4Dream week? Let us know!

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