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Holy Impatience - Free Advent Devotional

Holy Impatience is an email devotional series put together by World Renew and the CRC Office of Social Justice that features reflections from CRC ministries around the world during Advent 2018. This Advent season we will explore doing justice in a world that belongs to God, a world where so many people are marginalized and oppressed, with a holy impatience, both celebrating glimpses of the kingdom and eagerly yearning for what is to come.

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Meet Andrew Oppong

Andrew Oppong is the newest member of the Office of Social Justice team. He joins our team this week as the Justice Mobilization Specialist, and will work to network and encourage justice as they take next steps on their justice journeys.

Andrew was the Student Body President at Calvin College and also worked on campus with the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office where he oversaw the recruitment and training of orientation interns. He has his B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy specializing in Pre-Law and also held a position as the Public Policy Intern at the Constitution Project in Washington, D.C.

We are thrilled to welcome Andrew to the team! Learn more about Andrew in this Do Justice blog post.


Climate Witness Project Teams in 100 Churches and Organizations

It's been a very exciting couple of weeks for the Climate Witness Project (CWP)! There are now CWP teams at 100 churches/organizations and over 750 CWP partners!

CWP partners walk alongside their churches/organizations in the United States and Canada as they work hard to fight climate change and to be good stewards of God’s creation through energy stewardship projects, advocacy efforts, educational opportunities, and incorporating creation care into worship.

Let’s keep up this momentum! Sign up to be a partner here!


Help Reunite a Syrian Refugee Family

Loop Church (Chicago) wanted to bring family members of their refugee friends to the U.S....but current refugee policy made that hard. But that's where Sonlight Christian Reformed Church in Regina, Sask. came in. Sonlight is now sponsoring the refugee family, to reunite them with their relatives, and Loop Church is helping to fundraise the $40,000 CAD ($31,000 USD) that it will cost to sponsor the family.

Please consider supporting this unique cross-border refugee collaboration! Read more »


Public Charge

There’s still time! We’ve seen lots of comments posted on the federal register about how harmful proposed changes to the Public Charge rule will be — from business owners, to social workers, to teachers. (See the videos on our Facebook page.) How will the rule change affect you? Every comment is a critical piece of protecting vulnerable immigrants from these devastating changes.
Make your voice heard »


Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Bulletin Inserts

January 20 is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and we have created bulletin inserts for your church to honor the day. The focus of the inserts is the bible verse from Isaiah 65:23 and the words from the Belhar Confession “that God’s life-giving Word and Spirit will enable the church to live in a new obedience which can open new possibilities of life for society and the world.” Order the inserts from Faith Alive here. The deadline for ordering bulletin inserts is December 18. For other worship resources visit

Important note: if you already ordered our bulletin inserts through the church ordering link you received from the CRCNA, you do not need to order them again.


Asia Bibi

Since Asia Bibi, a Catholic woman in Pakistan, was acquitted on charges of blasphemy — for which she had been living on death row for eight years — by Pakistan's Supreme Court, Christians in Pakistan have been living under threat of violence. Her release has sparked rage against Christians, who are an extreme minority in Pakistan. We join our brothers and sisters in prayer for healing from the scars of this climate of fear, for protection from threats of harm, and for pastors and church leaders who are tasked with leading a persecuted church community. Pray with us »


Restorative Justice Week

Restorative Justice Week is November 18-25, 2018, and this year’s theme for #RJWeek is Inspiring Innovation. Correctional Services Canada has a webpage dedicated to discovering the many uses of restorative justice (RJ); exploring how RJ can deal with harm in different situations: families, neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces, etc.; and thinking about how RJ values and principles can be applied to everyday challenges.


Peace organizations lead panel discussion on Israel-Palestine

Recently, four organizations (Kairos, Churches for Middle East Peace, Holy Land Trust, and HaMoked, came together in Grand Rapids to discuss the challenges facing peace-seekers in Israel-Palestine. Two of the speakers were on a Cannon and Montell were on a two-week trip to U.S. churches to seek their support for peace.
Read more »


Recovering a Theology of Place

by Rebecca Warren

“We need a rich sense of communal identity, where peoples and animals, plants and waters work together in the same kind of life-giving, community of love modeled for us by the Trinity. Without that, we impoverish our faith and our relationships with one another. Rather than a community of blessing, each calling out gifts of the other, we see ourselves instead as cut off, fragmented competitors living in an increasingly fast-paced and superficial world.” Read more »


To the Woman I Saw Walking to the Highway

‘I wondered if anyone else even saw you, thought about saying a prayer for you.

I wondered if anyone else knows the risk you took walking down the highway to get to the city from the hotel.

Did you know the risk or was it worse to stay at the hotel on the highway?
This is the world I live in, where thoughts of missing sisters, aunties, cousins and friends are constant and penetrate the bubble of safety I try to create for my family.” Read more »

—from our partners at the Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee

Protect Migrants’ Right to Seek Asylum

President Donald Trump has signed a presidential proclamation that will block migrants caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border from seeking asylum. The move aims to funnel asylum seekers towards ports of entry, though this could force migrants to wait for weeks at port entry’s and put their family at risk at risk of violence or human trafficking. U.S. law specifically allows individuals to apply for asylum regardless of their entry procedure. Contact the White House & ask the Trump Administration to protect migrants’ right to seek asylum!

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