Office of Social Justice News | September 2019

Protect Refugee Resettlement

Call leading members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and ask them to urge the administration to protect the refugee resettlement program and welcome 95,000 refugees for Fiscal Year 2020.



How the U.S. Immigration System Works (video)

We often hear the question “Why don’t undocumented immigrants just get in line to immigrate legally?” This 15-minute video explains what those lines or avenues for legal immigration to the United States are, who can get in them (and who can’t), and how long it takes to get through those lines.


The Intersectionality of Climate Change: What I Witnessed on the Front Line of Climate Collapse

"I traveled to Kenya and Uganda to be a Christian witness. Witness implies obligation. People are really suffering—not tomorrow, but today. Their homes and farms are ravaged. They are pulled into starvation, driven into violent conflict, and are even resorting to suicide because of climate change."

Check out this reflection from Melody Zhang, who traveled with the Office of Social Justice and World Renew's Climate Change Bootcamp to East Africa, and who serves as the Climate Justice Campaign Coordinator at Sojourners.

If you would like a Climate Witness Project Bootcamp participant to share their experience with your church or congregation, contact Andrew Oppong at


What Could a Map Have to Do with Restorative Justice?

“Advocates for restorative justice urge us to move beyond thinking that confronting crime or other forms of conflict means simply punishing people for breaking the rules. We are also called to seek ways to restore people to each other, even amid great harm. So the map is one part of a much more complex effort at restoration.”

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Hong Kong Government Withdraws Controversial Extradition Bill

Our prayers continue for Hong Kong as the government announced this week that they will withdraw a piece of legislation that would have threatened residents’ democratic rights and legal protections. Many of those active in the protests argue that this move is “too little, too late.” Activism and protests will continue into the weekend.

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Pro-Family, Pro-Life

Citizens for Public Justice is equipping Christians to advocate for paid family leave in the U.S. as a way to support their pro-life beliefs. “It is also one way in which we can love our neighbors well and participate in God’s work of redeeming every area of life,” they say. Here is their template for a letter encouraging policymakers to support policy proposals that help the most vulnerable.


The Mustard Weed

Read columnist Jeremiah Basuric’s latest blog on the Mustard Seed’s ministry in Edmonton, Alberta.


Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning Classes on Social Justice Issues

The Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning is providing lectures and courses this fall that you can participate in online or in person. Engage deeply in issues of social justice through courses such as “The Experience of Exile” and “Understanding Climate Change and Global Warming.” For more information, visit

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