OSJ Creation Care Update | May 16, 2017
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Climate Witness Project Update

The Climate Witness Project is nearing 50 congregations and over 300 partners. Together in the past nine months

  • we participated in 40 legislative meetings.
  • we saw congregations increase their energy efficiency and reduce their bills.
  • we filled every seat in Wealthy Street Theater (Grand Rapids, Mich.) for a screening of Before the Flood.
  • we deepened our understanding of climate change adaptation through several viewings of Climate Conversation: Kenya.
  • we marched in Washington, D.C., with neighbors from around the world.
. . . and much more!

North America has been slow in its response to climate change, but the Climate Witness Project is part of a growing movement of relevant voices. Our actions are helping to de-politicize the topic of climate change and to bring the conversation back to the biblical calls to love our neighbor and to be good stewards of creation.

Would you like to become one of the 300+ Climate Witness Partners? As a Climate Witness Partner, you’re endorsing the 2012 Synodical Statement on Climate Change, agreeing to receive communications from the Climate Witness Project, and committing to learn more about climate change and to advocate for climate-friendly policies.

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PBS NewsHour Feature on Climate

The group that attended Evangelical Climate Advocacy Days (which included 25 Climate Witness Partners!) was featured on PBS NewsHour. The clip highlights the group at the People’s Climate March and the advocacy day, and it features the work Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA) is doing. Kyle Meyaard-Schaap of YECA does a fantastic job talking about why we as evangelical Christians are calling for climate action. Please share!

CRC Group Combines March with Advocacy Day

“The advocacy day was charged with energy and passion. . .The entire event was an opportunity to make my voice heard and to meet a wonderful group of passionate Christian people.” —Barry Meyer, CWP regional organizer

Our presence at the People's Climate March and on Capitol Hill was highlighted in CRC News. Read the story here!

LaGrave Avenue CRC Awarded ENERGY STAR Certification

LaGrave Avenue CRC in Grand Rapids, Mich., has become the second CRC in West Michigan and the third in the CRCNA to receive the ENERGY STAR rating from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read more.

Rick Kruis Recounts Experience at the Climate March

Classis Red Mesa regional organizer Rick Kruis was interviewed by Gallup Public Radio about his experience at the People's Climate March and his participation in advocacy meetings on Capitol Hill. Listen to his segment here!

Tell Congress to Put a Price on Carbon!

We're called to care for creation and to be good stewards of our God-given resources. Our burning of fossil fuels has contributed to the steady increase of carbon dioxide released into the earth’s atmosphere, trapping heat and speeding up global climate change. There is a creative solution that could help curb the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities by putting a price on carbon. Learn more and take action.
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Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Change

World Renew is committed to helping small farmers feed their families and earn extra income through sustainable agriculture practices that protect and nourish the land. Many of these farmers are struggling to adapt to changing weather patterns and rainy seasons. You can help these farmers adapt to these changing conditions by supporting an adaptation project!

Is the Climate Witness Project important to you?

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