Blessing Not Burden | November 21, 2017
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Thanks to everyone who participated in the “Praying with Dreamers- #Faith4Dream” week! Together we issued over 2,000 calls and emails to Congress to urge them to pass the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017 and to tell them that we believe Dreamers are a blessing to our communities. Here’s what else we did:

  • We prayed for Dreamers in our own personal devotions and in community during Sunday worship.
  • We shared videos on social media telling why we are praying and advocating for Dreamers.
  • We marched in our communities to spread the message that immigrants are a blessing.
  • We encouraged faith leaders to sign letters that were delivered to their representatives.

Here’s our message: It is time for Congress to recognize the dignity of Dreamers and provide a long-term solution for them to remain in the United States.

Let’s use this momentum to continue to speak up until the bill is passed!

Seeking Immigration Organizers in California, Pacific NW, and NW Iowa

Are you passionate about the church being informed about immigration and engaged in advocacy? You can be a part of this important work with OSJ through applying to be an immigration organizer! We're looking for individuals in specific regions to develop relationships with area congregations to gain a deeper understanding of immigration through education, worship, advocacy, and local connections. A stipend is offered. Please share this announcement with individuals who you think may be interested.

Learn more and apply here:
Pacific Northwest
NW Iowa

Worship: Immigrants Are a Blessing Litany

Scripture reminds us over and over that God uses “strangers” and immigrants to bring a blessing. On Sunday, Dec. 10, CRC members and congregations around the country will join together to remember the blessing of the "stranger" throughout Scripture and to give thanks for our immigrant and refugee neighbors today. Will you join us by using this litany in worship on that day?

Click here to download free copies of the litany.

Ten Ways U.S. Churches Can Welcome Immigrants

Does your church want to begin a conversation surrounding immigration? Where do you begin?

Our new Ten Ways tool provides practical ideas for churches to follow the biblical command to “welcome the stranger.” Whether immigrants are already part of your neighborhood or living in communities farther away, here are 10 ideas for your congregation to learn more about immigration so that you can live more deeply into the command of welcoming.

Click here to download or order a free copy.

Support Immigrants Vulnerable to Deportation

Thousands of immigrants have been granted permission to stay in the United States because of a program called Temporary Protected Status (TPS). TPS is granted to individuals from certain countries who cannot return home because their countries have suffered extraordinary situations like natural disasters, conflicts, or epidemics. The administration is considering whether to extend this protection to Salvadorans and Haitians. Some of these people have been living in the U.S. for over 20 years. Let’s join the faith community in raising our voices to Congress to continue these protections for vulnerable immigrants!

Join us in asking Congress to stand with TPS!

Blessing Not Burden Partners

How can your church be a part of changing the conversation on immigration? We want to help equip you to become educated about immigration and learn how to advocate for immigrants. Learn more about how your church can be involved!

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