OSJ Creation Care Update | November 05, 2018
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There is a new report out from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that sheds further light on how acutely climate change will impact every one of us. The news is disheartening because the short version is we aren’t going to stop climate change--but as people of faith we are called to get work, to go beyond that headline and to take on the many recommendations that it does offer to drastically slow climate change.

There is no singular solution to slowing climate change, it’s a battle of a thousands arrows. For example the actual impact of lowering or raising vehicle emission standards is an average temperature change of about 3/1000th of a degree warmer or cooler. One action won’t slow climate change--but thousands of actions will. Thousands of actions by government, energy companies, local communities, business leaders, and churches will be the difference between moderate and extreme impacts.

Young Evangelicals Lead the Way to Slow Climate Change

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action is taking the lead to slow climate change. Learn more from their perspective as young Christian leaders, see how you can get involved, and find out what they are doing to take on the challenges laid out in the IPCC report. 

Canada Announces a National Price on Carbon Pollution

Last month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that in order to ensure a healthy climate, Canada will adopt a national price on carbon pollution starting in January 2019. Specifically, Canada will implement a carbon fee and dividend on greenhouse gas emissions, with revenue from the fee returning directly to Canadians. It is projected that the average household in Ontario, for example, would gain about $300 per year.

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CWP Teams in 100 Churches and Organizations!

It's been a very exciting couple of weeks for the Climate Witness Project! There are now CWP teams at 100 churches/organizations and over 700 CWP partners!

CWP partners walk alongside their churches/organizations in the United States and Canada as they work hard to fight climate change and to be good stewards of God’s creation through energy stewardship projects, advocacy efforts, educational opportunities, and incorporating creation care into worship.

Let’s keep up this momentum! Sign up to be a partner here!

Church Resources: Ecological Justice

Get inspired to engage your congregation on climate change with these resources from Citizens for Public Justice. They have sermons, prayers, songs, small group activities and even speakers who can invite in to do some of the work for you!

A New Normal?

“Have you seen one of those glamorous ads promoting a rail trip through the Canadian Rockies? We’ve been talking about planning such a rail vacation for several years and it came together for us this summer.

We had a wonderful time making stops to visit friends and relatives who lived in Canada. It also ended up being the subject for a documentary on climate change!”

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Protect Creation & Oppose Rollbacks to Air Pollution Standards

President Trump and Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler are targeting restrictions on dangerous mercury and toxic pollution from power plants with the intent to overturn the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS) which threatens to boost levels of mercury, soot, and other hazardous pollution in our water, food, and communities.

This move would have devastating health consequences for communities across the country, in particular pregnant women and their babies as mercury pollution has been linked with damage to the brain, nervous system, and to fetal development.

Contact the White House & EPA today and ask
they protect these environment standards!

Environmental Racism Series: Thinking Downstream

Throughout the biblical text, the pattern is clear. When the people sin, the land suffers. When the land suffers, the people suffer. (Isaiah 41, Amos 5, Hosea 4)

We know that racism is sin. And so it too is connected to the health of the land. The suffering of the land is borne unequally by those who are marginalized, by those whose living space becomes collateral damage, whose water is left unprotected by forces beyond their control, those who systems are not designed to protect or benefit.

We know that all creation groans, waiting for the children of God to be revealed and for the restoration of all things (Romans 8). In this series, we will hear stories of the disproportionate effects of environmental degradation borne by people of color, and we will hear stories of God’s restoration and justice breaking into His world, sometimes through Christians and sometimes in spite of us. Let's learn together to think downstream.

Series Posts: